Activewear Essentials Guide

Whether you consider the gym your second home or are just starting out on your wellness journey, you’re going to need an activewear wardrobe that’s functional, fashionable and fresh. Well, you’re in the right place. Macy’s is your go-to destination for all things activewear!

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Here, you'll find the ultimate list of staples everyone needs in their workout wardrobe. From head to toe, consider yourself covered with outfit ideas for the entire family. Get ready to increase your knowledge of activewear terms. And be ready to live your best life with our roundup of top brands, leggings based on your workout, plus a checklist of essentials you'll need at the gym.

Does your love of activewear go beyond the gym? Into wearing workout clothes all the time? We've got advice on how to sport your gym clothes outside of the gym. Keep reading to navigate our guide and get your sweat on in style.

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If you want to get technical…

we're coming at you with a breakdown of common terms in the activewear world and shedding light on the difference between workout clothes and accessories that you need to know:

Wondering what to wear where?

We've rounded up outfit ideas for working out at the gym, plus provided advice on what to wear for two tricky types of workouts when the weather is less than ideal:

We're saving the best for last—literally.

Take a look at the best leggings for your preferred workout, all the staples you need in your gym bag plus popular activewear brands you'll love: