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Small Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide

Your kitchen is more than just a place to prep and work. With the right gadgets, gizmos and go-to tools, it's the creative center of your entire house—a place to imagine, create and try out new foodie ideas. Explore our roundup of tips, tools and inspiration, and get ready to power up your kitchen.

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Ask yourself a few important questions before you begin your search for the perfect appliance.

  1. How much counter space or storage space do I need?
  2. Is it in a color or finish that matches my decor?
  3. Is it easy to clean?
  4. What do the reviews say?


These are the stars of your kitchen electrics lineup, especially when it comes to prep work! Create the meals of your dreams with all the right tools to help you along the way. We've got just what you need to chop, mix, blend and prepare all types of ingredients—plus so much more! Get to know our picks for must-have prep tools, their unique benefits and how to use each one.


Just what the chef ordered! We're delivering all the top-notch tools you want—and never knew you needed—with our best-in-class kitchen appliances. Whether you love starting the day with refreshing juice or enjoying a hearty meal for dinner, master your favorite recipes with a helping hand from these useful countertop electrics. Find out how to incorporate these machines into your daily cooking routine and discover great tips and what works best for you.

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