CELEBRATE WITH MACY'S - Throughout the year, Macy's celebrates cultural diversity and heritage with a series of month-long initiatives and special in-store events aimed at recognizing and honoring the contributions of different groups. See our celebrations below:
Macy's Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic heritage month. September through October 2017. Join Macy's as we celebrate Latin culture with telenovela actress Gaby Espino during exciting in-store events. At select Macy's stores nationwide.
National Pride Month June 2017. During June, Macy's celebrates equality with a variety of events that fosters inclusion and awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning communities.
Macy's Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, May 2017. In May, get inspired by Asian cuisine, really inspired. Take a page from Chef Kristen Kish's recipe book and add a unique twist to traditional flavors and techniques. Join us in store for cooking demos, tips and more!
Macy's Celebrates Black History Month, February 2017 Throughout February, Macy's examines the art of spoken word, expression and style. join us for in-store events at select locations and be part of the celebration!
Macy's Celebrates the Year of the Rooster 2017. LUNAR NEW YEAR, January 2017. The rooster is calling for a new year. And millions everywhere are listening for it, including Macy's! Join us in select stores for fun festivities for the whole family, plus visit our Lunar New Year Shop to kick off the Year of the Rooster with auspicious gifts for all—even yourself.
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