Natural Beauty. The ingredients you want without the extras you don't.
Out with the bad.. Parabens contain large amounts of Estrogen. Act as a preservative. Can cause an imbalance in hormone levels. Phthalates. Used in hair spray, nail polish and other scented products. Also my cause an imbalance in hormone levels. Sulfates. Produce lather in shampoos and cleansers. May cause skin dryness and sensitivity. Can dry out hair.
and in with the good!
Coconut oil. This moisturizing ingredient hydrates skin, removes makeup and protects against sun exposure and signs of aging.
Clay. Rich in nourishing minerals that gently exfoliate and purify skin, clay works to clear out clogged pores and absorb excess oil.
Charcoal. This powerful detoxifier works to extract dirt, oil and other impurities from skin for a completely balanced complexion.
Rose. More than just a flower, roses deliver nutrients that maintain skin's PH levels, reduce redness and brighten for a natural glow.
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