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Use Plenti® points for savings at Macy’s until 5/3/2018

Macy’s participation in Plenti® will end 5/3/2018 and you have until 5/3/2018 to use Plenti points for savings at Macy’s. Plenti points can even be used along with other discounts and coupons to save you more.

Have you registered your Plenti card? Once your Plenti card is registered and you have a balance of 200 or more Plenti points, you can use Plenti points for savings at checkout.

200 Plenti points can get you at least $2 in savings on Macy’s purchases.

Plenti members can continue to use Plenti points at other participating partners after 5/3/18.

Save on purchases*

Treat yourself to savings with the Plenti points you’ve earned.

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Use Plenti points

  • 1

    If you haven’t already, register your card.

  • 2

    Select the option to use your Plenti points at checkout.

  • 3

    Combine points with a Macy’s offer to save more.

Rewards made easy

Save your Plenti card number to your Macy’s profile for seamless shopping on

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Easier shopping

  • 1

    If you haven’t already,
    create a profile at

  • 2

    Add your Plenti rewards card to your profile.

  • 3

    Start shopping!

Link your cards

Use a Macy’s Card with your Plenti rewards card.

Link your cards

Use your Plenti rewards card with your Macy’s Credit Card when you shop at Macy’s. Click here to link your cards.

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Want more savings?

Although you can no longer earn Plenti points at Macy’s, you can get exclusive savings as a Star Rewards member.

Subject to credit approval.
Plenti is a rewards program. Terms and conditions apply. *You must have registered your Plenti card and have a minimum of 200 points to be eligible to use points.