Black diamond rings can express everything. The feelings of the heart are revealed in this form. A heart ring, made of black diamonds, tells a tale of a deep love. In the same dark stone, bring emotion to light with a knot ring that shows the joining of two hearts.

If a heart belongs to the natural world, turn to telling floral rings. Whether black diamond clusters allude to flowers or intricately laid diamonds show a flower with no ambiguity, plant floral black diamond rings on your fingers for elegant statement pieces. Tie in the warm golden glow of the sun, so precious in the garden, with yellow gold or a bouquet of yellow diamonds.

Show off an adoration of wildlife with animal inspired pieces. Look ferociously fashionable in a panther ring, come to life with black diamond spots. Allow a black diamond snake ring to slither onto your finger. No matter the majestic creature, become entranced in piercing green emerald eyes. For a subtler nod to your wild side, turn to champagne and black diamond rings that mimic the look of animal print patterns.

Appreciate art and architecture? Bring bold design into black diamond rings, with artistic pieces. Explore the geometry of modern art, with rings of onyx shaped into circles and ovals, tiny black diamonds placed to form a sparkling square or the simplicity of a sleek black band with a single diamond. Discover the decadent motion of baroque architecture mimicked in opulent rings. The curve of loops, swirls and filigree create exquisite black rings with diamonds.

In streamlined men’s rings, or stunningly extravagant women’s rings, find something to represent your own personal style. Discover the array of rings with black diamonds at Macy’s.