Macy’s Thanks For Sharing Program Terms and Conditions 2017

1. Enrollment:

Beginning on August 30, 2017, you may enroll in Macy’s Thanks For Sharing Program (the “Program”) at any Macy’s store, on or by phone at 888-933-6229, by charging the $25 enrollment fee to your Macy’s Credit Account (the “Enrolled Account”). The “Effective Period” for your Program participation begins on the date you enroll and ends on December 31, 2017. For each Program enrollment, Macy's will make a $10 donation, up to a total of $15 million to select charities. The first $3.75 million raised will benefit the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women® Movement. The balance, up to an additional $11.25 million, will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, Fashion Incubators in Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington D.C., Make-A-Wish®, Reading Is Fundamental® and The RESPECT! Campaignâ„ , an initiative of Futures Without Violence®. For further details on donations, including allocation of donations to charitable partners and charities’ missions, visit All references to dollar amounts, including but not limited to dollar amounts of "purchases," "Net Purchases," and "Card Value," are in U.S. dollars.

2. Eligibility:

Only Macy’s Credit Account cardholders are eligible to enroll. The enrollment fee must be charged to the Macy’s Credit Account being enrolled. Paying the fee in any other manner will not enroll your account in the Program. If you have more than one Macy’s Credit Account, only an Account that has been charged an enrollment fee will be enrolled in the Program and will accumulate dollar value (“Card Value”) toward your Thanks For Sharing Reward Card. A single Enrolled Account may consist of regular and promotional purchases, which are combined for purposes of the Program. If you enroll more than one Macy’s Credit Account, the Card Value accumulated on each Enrolled Account may not be transferred or combined. Only consumer accounts may be enrolled. Corporate and Studio Services Accounts may not be enrolled. Accounts receiving employee discount are not eligible to enroll.

3. Accumulating Card Value under the Program:

When you enroll in the Program, you will begin receiving Card Value calculated at 10% of your “Net Purchases” charged to the Enrolled Account. This percentage may be increased periodically on certain days while the Program is in effect. Net Purchases are purchases of “Eligible Merchandise” made during your Effective Period, less all sales tax, discounts, adjustments and returns, charged to your Enrolled Account from your enrollment date through January 8, 2018 even if the returned item of Eligible Merchandise was purchased prior to your enrollment. “Eligible Merchandise” consists of merchandise purchased for personal, family, and household use and purchased on or charged to the Enrolled Account, from Macy’s or but excluding purchases made at Macy’s Backstage. Eligible Merchandise does not include the following merchandise, services or other items purchased at Macy’s or and charged to the Enrolled Account: the $25 enrollment fee, furniture, floor coverings, mattresses, box springs, fur salon, bridal salon, gift cards/certificates, electronics and associated accessories, special orders, watch/jewelry repair, sunglasses, maternity, athletic shoes for him, her & kids, Tag Heuer, Apple products, Beauty Box, Bluemercury merchandise, tech watches, custom decorating, carpet cleaning and other non-merchandise-related services, service and delivery fees, gift wrapping, trunk show merchandise and purchases from licensed departments, bill inserts and restaurants. All purchases made outside of Macy’s or are also excluded. Macy’s reserves the right to exclude purchases it deems, in its sole discretion, not made for personal, family, or household use. Your “Value to date” will appear on your register receipt any time you make a purchase at Macy’s with an Enrolled Account, or you may obtain it by calling 888-933-6229. Your “Value to date” amount will not include items you purchased that have not yet been charged to your Enrolled Account.

4. Termination of or Change in Program:

Enrollment constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and any attempt to manipulate or abuse the Program may result in termination of enrollment and forfeiture of the enrollment fee and accumulated Card Value under the Program, including Card Value on Thanks For Sharing Cards already issued. Macy’s has the right to reduce the Card Value if you subsequently return items for which you had accumulated Card Value in this Program. If you return items that accumulated Card Value and the Card Value on your Thanks For Sharing Card has already been spent, you agree that Macy’s may charge the Card Value associated with the returned items to your Macy’s Enrolled Account or may reduce the amount of your return by the accumulated Card Value attributable to the returned items. Macy’s reserves the right to disqualify any person from participation in the Program if, in Macy’s sole judgment, that person appears to be using the Program in violation of these Terms and Conditions, or in a manner that is inconsistent with the intent of the Program or the terms of the enrolled account, or has done so in the past. You may terminate your enrollment and request a refund of the enrollment fee by calling 888-933-6229, before December 15, 2017, or by terminating in person at any Macy’s store before December 31, 2017. By doing so, you will forfeit accumulated Card Value. Accumulated Card Value also will be forfeited if your Enrolled Account is closed by us, is delinquent, in default, or otherwise is in violation of the applicable Department Stores National Bank Credit Card Agreement as in effect at any time during the Program or on the date when your Thanks For Sharing Reward Card Value is calculated. Macy’s reserves the right to limit, modify, delete or otherwise change the Terms and Conditions of the Program, including these rules, at its sole discretion, with or without notice. All interpretations of these Terms and Conditions shall be made at the sole discretion of Macy’s, whose decisions will be final.

5. Distribution of Your Thanks For Sharing Card:

Your Thanks For Sharing Reward Card, with accumulated Card Value, will be a non-expiring card that will be mailed by March 2018, to the address shown in your Enrolled Account records. Thanks For Sharing Reward Cards may not be used as payment or credit on any Macy’s credit card account or redeemed for cash. Additional value may not be added to your Thanks For Sharing Reward Card. Restrictions apply to shipments outside of the United States. Please go to, and click on Shipping Policy for details.

6. Change of Address and Correspondence with Macy’s:

You are responsible for advising Macy’s, in writing, of any change in your name or the address on your Enrolled Account. Please send your name and/or address changes to: Macy’s, P.O. Box 8113, Mason, OH 45040. Macy’s is not liable for Thanks For Sharing Cards sent to the wrong address. Failure to ensure that Macy’s has your current address may prevent issuance/receipt of your Thanks For Sharing Card.

7. Governing Law:

These Terms and Conditions are governed by New York state law, without reference to its conflicts of law doctrine, as such law is applied to agreements entered into and performed entirely within the State of New York.

If you have any questions about the Program, please call Customer Service at 1-888-933-6229, Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 9 PM ET and PT; Sunday 11AM – 8 PM ET and PT. For our customers in Hawaii and Guam, please call 1-888-933-6229, Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 9 PM and Sundays 11 AM to 8 PM (Hawaii time).