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Types of Panties

Top (panty) drawer essentials start at Macy’s! Your intimate apparel drawer should be overflowing with only the best panties perfectly suited to your style preferences and comfort level. Underwear styles are based on clothing function, so the right (or wrong) one can definitely make or break an outfit. After all, there’s a reason why the saying “Don’t get your panties in a bunch!” exists—ill-fitting undies are serious mood-killers. Shop Macy’s today to find your favorite styles and fantastic fitting panties from top brands such as Vanity Fair, Warner’s, Jockey, Bali, Calvin Klein, Maidenform and more!

Top 10 Types of Panties Every Woman Should Own:

Shopping Tip: Similar to bikini panties, cheekster panties have the same shape with a more exposed back. Cheeksters are great to wear with jeans. You won’t get a strong panty line with cheeky panties.

Shopping Tip: Hey, moms! Grab maternity panties—they are specially made to fit your bum and your growing bump. Maternity panties will even stay in place better and be far comfier than your pre-baby belly panties.