Picture that magical moment when you get down on one knee, open the ring box and ask your special someone the big question: Will you marry me? Before you start ring shopping, let Macy’s guide you on the journey to finding the perfect ring for the perfect proposal, as well as your wedding bands.

Need-to-Know Ring-Buying Basics

Start your search for “the one” by learning about popular diamond shapes, settings and metal tones. Plus, learn how to secretly find out your significant other’s ring size.

Understand the 4 C’s of Diamond Quality Before You Buy

When looking to buy a wedding or engagement ring, it is important that you know how to choose the perfect diamond. When searching for the perfect diamond, there are four categories (or characteristics) to consider. Before choosing your perfect engagement ring, make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of diamonds—from their structure to the 4C's.

Everything You’ve Learned Wrapped Up with a Bow…

Take our step-by step approach to ring shopping plus learn how to take care of your impending investment.