Lighting Ideas for
Your Living Space

Looking for bright ways to light up your living space? You’ve plugged into the right place. Macy’s Home Lighting Guide is here to help you decorate your living areas. Whether your style is modern or classic, we have the right lighting for you. We’ll show you how to use lighting in your living room, dining room and backyard. Plus, we’re sharing our top design ideas for your wall decor, fireplace and reading nook. From floor lamps to sconces to ceiling lights, Macy’s is the perfect outlet for your lighting design and home decor. Shop your favorite brands including Safavieh, Pacific Coast, StyleCraft, Livex, Dale Tiffany and more!

What Are the Different Types of Lighting?

Don’t know what types of lighting you’ll need? We’ve put together a list of the various kinds of lighting to assist in your selection process. Before you buy new lighting, you should examine your existing decor and furniture to select the style to meet your needs. Shop brilliant designs from Lite Source, Ren Wil, Adesso, Cal Lighting and more!

1. Table Lamps. How do you top off your end tables? Table lamps are not only stylish, they’re a functional way of bringing mood lighting to your living room. If you’re into modern lighting, we recommend tripod table lamps for a fashionable finish. Looking for lamps that are more traditional? Showcasing stained-glass shades, Tiffany-style lamps are the epitome of vintage style.

2. Floor Lamps. How do you fill that empty corner in your living room? A floor lamp is the perfect solution. Floor lamps have come a long way since that torchiere lamp we all had in our dorm rooms. It’s time to graduate to floor lamps with glass globes or crystal accents. For trending farmhouse lighting, we’re loving industrial floor lamps with cage shades. Looking to make a classic statement? You can’t go wrong with a floor lamp with a traditional shade.

3. Ceiling Lights. Your ceiling light will set the tone of your room, so let us help you decide on the proper choice. If you want glam lighting, then a crystal chandelier is a dazzling option. Want something a bit more bohemian? Beaded or wicker chandeliers are trending for a more freestyle approach. If your design scheme is modern, then a sputnik chandelier will be the star of your room.

Pro Tip: The bottom of your chandelier should be 9 feet from the floor, so make sure you measure your ceiling height.

4. Sconces. Looking for accent lighting? A sconce is a light fixture that goes directly into the wall. They are perfect for placing on either side of wall decor for an elegant touch. What type of finish should you get? Silver-tone finishes lend classic appeal, while gold-tone and brass finishes give off a glam vibe.

5. Pendant Lights. When you typically think of pendant lights, you imagine those light fixtures that hang over kitchen counters in a duo or trio. Want a unique feel to your living room? Hang pendant lights over your end tables. You can also group pendant lights over your dining room table in lieu of a chandelier.

6. Lamps with Shades. If you want softer lighting in your living space, lamps with shades are a must. Shielding your eyes from harsh glares, lamp shades lend a warm feel to any room. Lamp shades aren’t just for table lamps. For a soft glow, look for lamp shades on floor lamps, sconces and chandeliers.

Pro Tip: Make sure the lamp shade is at least 3-1/2 inches from the light bulb on all sides. If the light bulb is too close to the shade, it might present a burning hazard.

7. Reading Lamps/Task Lights. Want to cozy up in your reading nook? You’ll need a task light that shines light downward, so you can see properly. These lights are also known as reading lamps for obvious reasons.

8. Arc Lamps. Is your living room missing that “it” accessory? Make a stylish splash with an arc lamp. The curved silhouette lends a dramatic feel to your living room. Place an arc lamp at the end of your sofa for the perfect punctuation.

How to Light Your Living Room

Are you struggling with your living room lighting? Don’t flip out; make the switch to Macy’s for your lighting essentials. Read on to find out how to properly light up your living room. You’ll want to ensure that your lighting is layered for this multi-purpose space. We’ve broken down all the categories of lighting you’ll need for your living room, so sit back and relax.

1. Task Lighting. The first step to selecting your living room lighting is deciding which activities you do most in this space. If watching TV is your favorite pastime, you’ll want to get lamps with shades that don’t cause a glare. If you’re an avid reader, you can either get a reading floor lamp or a desk lamp that would be placed on an end table. These types of lamps provide downward lighting, which makes it easier to see.

2. Accent Lighting. Do you have your favorite family photos and artwork hanging on your living room walls? You can really bring them to life with accent lighting. Simply install a picture light above the frame for gallery-worthy style. You can also place sconces or pendants on either side of your wall decor.

3. Ambient Lighting. Now it’s time to set the mood of your living room with ambient lighting. You’ll want your chandelier or ceiling fixture to be the showstopper of your living room. Next, select coordinating floor and table lamps. If you want a modern feel to your space, we suggest lighting that has Edison or exposed bulbs. For a softer and classic look, you’ll want lamps with shades. To create a harmonious feel among your ceiling, floor and table lighting, ensure that your fixtures have similar styles and finishes.

Pro Tip: Install dimmer switches for your ceiling lights to control the mood of your room. Remember to always consult a professional before doing electrical work.