Your guide to
    diamond rings

    You’ve found the one…now here’s
    how to
    find the perfect ring.

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    The first step: choose a style


    Their ring should match their personality. If they’re
    a minimalist, go for simple & elegant. More glam?
    Get one with extra sparkle.

    Then, pick a shape

    Are they drawn to a classic, modern, or
    vintage-style silhouette?

    Brush up on the 4Cs

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    A diamond’s size is referred to by its carat weight. A carat is a unit of measurement equal to 200 milligrams.

    One carat is divided into 100 points, so that a diamond of 50 points weighs 0.50 carats. All diamond ct. t.w. may vary by .05 carats.



    Diamonds found in nature range from colorless to slightly yellow to brown. The best color that you can choose is colorless.

    The color grading system uses letters in the alphabet ranging from D, for the most colorless, all the way to Z, for the most color.



    A Master Cutter cuts a diamond in a way that maximizes the light reflected, increasing the brilliance. So, the better the cut, or “make,” the better the sparkle.



    A diamond’s clarity refers to the quantity, size & position of natural inclusions that occur inside a diamond.


    Now, which metal?


    The tone of the metal brings it all together.
    Our tip: pick the one that matches the pieces
    they wear the most.

    You can’t go wrong with

    an iconic designer

    We love these brands—and choosing one of their
    rings is a surefire step toward happily ever after.

    One Love
    One Diamond


    Alethea features diamonds with the De Beers Code of Origin. Because love deserves commitment, transparency & truth.

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    Unique or classic?
    Choose his aesthetic

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