In response to the widespread COVID-19 outbreak, Macy's, Inc. had to temporarily close all stores. As a result, Macy's Flower Show and its supporting events in New York, Chicago and San Francisco were canceled.

Even though we didn't launch our iconic show this spring, we've donated floral and landscaping materials slated for the shows to a variety of institutions and gardens.

Macy's Herald Square donated its outdoor floral material to the NYC Parks Dept. The indoor material was partly donated to the Luis Girter Botanical Garden in Richmond, VA, and to the Delancey Street Foundation's location in Brewster, NY. Macy's State Street donated its items to two local organizations, Chicago Commons and Envision Unlimited. The material in Macy's Union Square was donated to the Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco.

When we return in 2021, visitors will take a "Voyage to Oceanum" to experience vibrant deep-sea florals and stunning marine life in our specialty gardens, enjoy in-store events and more. We hope to see you there!


Wade into our wonderland of gardens with a map of what to see
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Get a glimpse of the incredible sights our designers are dreaming up for a world that exists way down below—from colorful underwater flowers and coral reefs to mythical creatures
from the ocean’s abyss.


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Marvel at the nautical designs by
future seafarers from the
Fashion Institute of Technology!


Don’t miss our lineup of events for nautically inspired fun.



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Jordan Dabby




  • Deep dive into spring with R.H. Macy IV!
    The hero of the 2019 Flower Show returns,
    sailing the seas in search of a missing family heirloom.

    June 1969

    All was quiet outside the Macy family estate. In Rowland Hussey Macy’s study, surrounded by a collection of old photographs, was his great-great-great grandson.

    “Not one of my relatives know where to find it, Lucy,” R.H. IV said into the telephone. He picked up a photo, examining the two things all the images had in common – his great-great-great grandfather and a spectacular golden pocket watch.

    “You just traveled to another planet and saved it from destruction,” replied Lucy Ryder, an old friend of R.H.’s and the Flight Director for the United States Space Program. “Don’t get too worked up. You’re supposed to be resting!”

    R.H. said goodbye to Lucy and began stacking the photographs to put away. The pile toppled over the side of the desk, flipping up the corner of the rug to reveal a small handle nailed into the floor. R.H. wrenched it open to find a hollow floorboard containing a tiny box. It was empty except for an old, folded piece of paper.

    R.H. unfurled the fragile parchment. It was a map of the seven seas with a red star symbol scrawled in the northernmost region in his great-great-great grandfather’s handwriting. R.H. grabbed the phone, redialing Lucy’s number.

    “It’s me again,” R.H. said breathlessly. “Do you know anything about sailing?”

    Seven years later...

    R.H. and Lucy stood on a dock facing a massive sailing ship as the sun began to appear on the horizon. Elegant lettering on the vessel’s bow proclaimed its name – The Red Star.

    “Today’s the day!” Lucy exclaimed as another woman approached them.
    “R.H., I’d like you to meet my cousin, Kate Caspian. She’ll be your first mate and guide to the seas.” After completing the final arrangements for their voyage, R.H. and Kate stood on the deck of the Red Star, waving goodbye to Lucy as the ship set sail for the unknown.

    Several weeks into their journey, R.H. and Kate awoke to dark clouds rumbling above them. As they tied down supplies to the deck in preparation for the storm, R.H. peered over the bow and spotted something in the waves. He pointed it out to Kate, but before she could say anything, an enormous tentacle shot out from the sea and took hold of the main mast.

    A giant octopus emerged from the water, pulling the ship onto its side and sending the lifeboats overboard. “We’re going to have to jump!” shouted Kate.

    They quickly ran below deck and geared up, with R.H. tucking the map safely inside his dive suit. Outside, R.H. and Kate found the octopus climbing up the stern, its weight dragging the boat underwater. They scrambled to the bow and leaped into the churning ocean.

    R.H. soon lost track of time as he and Kate swam away from the wreckage of the Red Star, not knowing if minutes or hours had passed since their narrow escape. Suddenly, a glimmer of light caught R.H.’s eye and he motioned for Kate to duck behind a patch of seaweed.

    The pair gasped as they watched a merman swim out from behind a large rock. Without a second thought, they dove in the direction of the merman. R.H. and Kate kept their distance until the merman slowed at what appeared to be a lagoon. He then turned around without warning, looking directly at R.H. and Kate.

    “Are you coming or not?” the merman asked.
    Sheepishly, the pair revealed themselves. The merman signaled for them to follow him into the lagoon towards an underwater city.

    The group entered a sparkling sea glass palace, where a fish with iridescent rainbow scales greeted them and escorted R.H. and Kate to the highest tower. It rhythmically tapped on an ornate door, which swung open to reveal a grand hall with a throne made of shells overlooking the entire city.

    A mermaid with a gold tail and tiara that matched the glimmering palace walls swept into the room and took her place on the throne. “What took you so long, Rowland?” she demanded. “It’s been nearly a century since you left us. I expected you would return much sooner to retrieve your belongings.”

    “A century? I’m only 34 years old!” R.H. exclaimed.

    This time, the mermaid appeared confused. “Are you not Rowland Hussey Macy?” she asked.

    “I am…but not the original. I’m R.H. Macy IV, and this is my first mate, Kate Caspian,” R.H. explained. “I think you might be speaking about one of my relatives.”

    “My name is Marella and this is my kingdom, Oceanum. I suppose I knew your great-great-great grandfather. You look very much alike. How did you find yourself here?” said the mermaid queen.

    “You mentioned my great-great-great grandfather’s belongings...we’re in search of his missing pocket watch, but our ship was destroyed,” R.H. sighed. “Did he leave it with you?”

    “Your great-great-great grandfather came to us with a chest full of items he wanted to keep safe while sailing aboard the Emily Morgan,” Marella explained. “I do not know its contents and it isn’t here, but I can help you find it.”

    Marella led R.H. and Kate out of the city gates to a bustling coral reef, a stunning undersea metropolis of its own. “We need to visit an old friend of mine first,” Marella said. They weaved through the traffic of other marine life until they reached a small cave nestled between the coral.

    “Sayward, are you home?” Marella called, peering into the cavern. Almost instantly, a sea turtle poked its head out and blinked sleepily at his visitors before recognizing the mermaid.

    “Queen Marella! It’s an honor to have you visit the Reef,” the turtle bellowed in a deep, rumbling voice.

    “I’d like you to meet Kate Caspian and R.H. – the great-great-great grandson of Rowland Macy,” said Marella. “I believe you have something that belonged to his great-great-great grandfather.”

    Sayward popped back inside his shell and when he emerged again, he held a large gold key engraved with R.H.’s initials. “I may have something for you, but only if you can solve my riddle first…

    “My name is rather cosmic,
    but I’m much more aquatic.
    You won’t see me in the sky
    and that’s the reason why
    if you dive into the sea
    on the ocean floor you might find me.”

    “A starfish?” Kate exclaimed. Sayward smiled and nodded slowly.

    Marella took the key from him and presented it to R.H. “Now to find the treasure,” she said.

    “I have a map that belonged to my great-great-great grandfather, but I can’t take it out of my suit without ruining it,” R.H. replied. He began to draw the map from memory into the sand. “There was a star right about…here,” R.H. said, pointing to the upper corner of his drawing.

    Marella studied the sand closely. “I’m almost certain that’s The Abyss,” she said, gesturing beyond the Reef. “Merfolk are forbidden from entering that region. I’m afraid you’ll have to proceed on your own.” Wishing them luck and pointing them in the right direction, Marella watched as R.H. and Kate swam towards an uncertain fate.

    The farther R.H. and Kate got from the Reef, the darker and colder the water around them became. Marella’s directions led them to a chasm so deep they could not see the bottom, save for a faint glowing orb at what must have been the ocean floor.

    As they approached the bottom of the Abyss, Kate spotted a wooden chest wedged between jagged rocks. “I think I can reach it!” she exclaimed, propelling herself in the direction of the treasure.

    The glowing orb they had been following moved towards Kate. “I’m not so sure we’re alone –” R.H. began, when the light suddenly darted towards Kate, revealing itself to be the lure of an anglerfish.

    “Hey! Look over here!” R.H yelled at the anglerfish as Kate took shelter behind the rocks. With the anglerfish distracted, Kate quickly freed the chest and frantically searched for a way to help R.H. However, just as the anglerfish opened its jaws to reveal its razor-sharp teeth, it stopped abruptly.

    R.H. and Kate looked up to see Marella swimming towards them, using an enormous amount of magic to freeze the anglerfish in its tracks. R.H. and Kate each grabbed one of the chest’s handles and swam as fast as they could out of the Abyss.

    A few moments later, they heard a low roar, but Marella soon emerged from the deep. She led the group back to her palace where at long last they could open the chest.

    The lid opened to reveal only one item – the pocket watch, still ticking away. R.H. turned it over in his hand. “What’s that?” Marella asked, pointing at the watch. Upon closer inspection, R.H. saw a series of coordinates had been etched into the gold metal. He and Kate exchanged a knowing glance, realizing their adventure was far from over.

    “Does anyone have a map?” asked R.H.

    To be continued…

    Immerse yourself in the seaworthy spectacle of
    “Voyage to Oceanum” during this spring’s
    Macy’s Flower Show.

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    The year was 1969.
    The Space Race was in full swing, and the sky was the limit.

    At the head of the United States Space Program was astronomer and Flight Director Lucy Ryder. Her greatest discovery was a lush, green exoplanet untouched by human technology, which she named PARADISIOS.

    Over the years, Lucy studied Paradisios from Earth with a high-powered optical telescope. The only task that remained was exploring the planet in person—so she developed the Starflower 1, a spaceship that would launch towards Paradisios at light speed.

    After careful deliberation, Lucy phoned her former schoolmate, R.H. Macy IV, to ask if he would be willing to make the trip out of this world. The world-class pilot and great-great-great-grandson of Macy’s department stores’ founder agreed.

    On March 24, 1969, the Starflower 1 was ready for takeoff. Lucy handed R.H. a journal as they exchanged goodbyes on the launch pad. She encouraged him to take notes on his journey and use the planet as inspiration for his family’s business.

    Just a day later, the Starflower 1 approached Paradisios. Before R.H. could safely touch down on the planet, a massive tree burst from the soil, hitting the Starflower 1. The spaceship was pushed off course and plummeted to the ground.

    Shaken but otherwise unharmed, R.H. radioed Mission Control to let Lucy know he was safe. “Flora and fauna may resemble what we have on Earth, but li.fe on Paradisios is not as we know it,” Lucy warned R.H. through his earpiece, just as something began to bang on the door to the Starflower 1. R.H. frantically surveyed the ship for a place to hide.

    The door opened to reveal a swarm of colorful, fuzzy creatures. They were Paradisios’ main inhabitants, mischievous but friendly creatures Lucy called Paradigms.

    They hopped on R.H.’s back, sat on his shoulder and crawled up his leg in a chorus of squeaks. “They’re trying to tell you something. I don’t think you’re safe here,” Lucy said with concern.

    R.H. peered out from the ship to see a fantastical jungle, the Carnivorous Wilds. Vines hung from every tree and snaked across the ground, surrounded by supermassive Venus flytraps and plants that just might bite back if he got too close.

    While R.H.’s back was turned, the Paradigms clambered into his all-terrain rover, the Spidercrawler, and clumsily steered it out of the spaceship. As R.H. ran after the rover, plants snatched at his ankles, and then a glimmer of light caught his eye.

    He uncovered a glowing red seed amid a brush of razor-sharp grass. He pocketed it and hurried to catch up with the Paradigms.

    The Paradigms led R.H. to a series of underground tunnels called The Caverns. They were tranquil, with beautiful blooms growing out of the rock walls. Relieved, R.H. pulled out his journal and sketched the Carnivorous Wilds and his current surroundings.

    R.H. and the Paradigms emerged from The Caverns and traveled through various regions of the planet. They eventually came upon a lake with a mirrored surface and a massive rock structure on its shore. An alien language was engraved in its surface and pulsated with a reddish glow.

    Lucy quickly decoded it, revealing an ominous riddle:

    Home to many and protected by one
    This paradise welcomes every person
    Life gives life, but for those who take,
    The opposite of halcyon—a Paradox awaits

    Suddenly, the ground began to shake and an octopus-like creature erupted from below the monolith.

    R.H. fell to the dirt, searching frantically for the Paradigms, but they had abandoned the Spidercrawler and were running away in a fury of shrieks.

    Lucy remote-accessed the rover, which skidded to a stop next to R.H. As he climbed inside, Lucy said, “This must be the Paradox from the riddle, which means the riddle is the key to defeating it.”

    “I think I know what it wants, Lucy,” R.H. said, pulling the red seed from his pocket.

    It seemed to move in his hand and glowed more intensely than before.
    “I found this all alone in the Carnivorous Wilds. I wasn’t trying to steal it. I just wanted to bring it back to its home.”

    R.H. hopped out of the rover despite Lucy’s protests. He held up the seed and shouted, “Hey! Is this what you’re looking for?”

    The Paradox responded by smashing the Spidercrawler. As it was about to retaliate again, the Paradigms appeared across the lake. They scurried to R.H.’s side and addressed the Paradox with crazed beeps. The Paradox paused for a moment before retreating into the ground.

    The Paradigms cheered and R.H. exhaled a sigh of relief. He thanked the Paradigms, and they motioned for him to follow them once again. They soon approached a barren land with red soil. Hovering above it were large pieces of rock with building-like structures made of flora.

    The Paradigms took hold of R.H.’s legs, and with a swift bounce, they entered the Floating City. The rock platforms rearranged in a path towards the city center where a large palace made of trees and vines stood.

    Inside the castle, the Paradigms brought R.H. to a chamber containing a field of glowing red flowers and pushed him towards an unoccupied patch of soil.

    R.H. placed the red seed in the ground and an identical glowing flower sprung from the dirt. The entire field then burst into a dazzling pyrotechnic display. In awe, R.H. pulled out his journal and sketched the radiant field.

    “‘Life gives life,’” Lucy quoted.

    “These flowers power the planet, and the Paradox protects them.” The Paradigms hopped around him, squealing with joy. “I think you just saved Paradisios, R.H.,” said Lucy.

    Over the next two weeks, the Paradigms brought R.H. on a grand tour of Paradisios, which he detailed in his journal. The Paradigms gathered supplies from the land and the remains of the Spidercrawler to repair the Star flower 1.

    Finally, it was time to head back to Earth. R.H. and the Paradigms exchanged a bittersweet farewell where the Starflower 1 was originally supposed to land, the Orchid Forest.

    Upon his return to Earth, R.H. gave his journal to Lucy for safekeeping. He revisited it often to inspire new trends for Macy’s department stores.

    The field of flowers in the Floating City prompted R.H. to revamp the Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular, which astonished the nation as a 4th of July celebration seven years after the Starflower 1 Mission.

    The End

    To honor the 50th anniversary of R.H.’s journey to Paradisios, his journal had been declassified and released to the public, who took their own interstellar trip during the 2019 Macy’s Flower Show.



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Macy's State Street | chicago
  • FAQs
  • TOUR
  • What are the hours of Macy’s Flower Show?

    Sunday, March 22 to Sunday, April, 5, during regular store hours. For store hours, please visit macys.com or contact your local store.

    Is there a cost or are tickets required to see the show?

    No ticket is required. The show is free and open to the public.

    Where can I park? Is free or validated parking available?

    $3 discount with validation at the garage at 20 E. Randolph St. Validation box located at Macy’s Visitor Information Center.

    Valet Service is located on Wabash Avenue before Washington Street.

    Please note the above information may change. Visit Macy’s Visitor Information Center for more details.

    How can I learn more about gardening or the plants featured in the show?

    In addition to our informative one-hour Macy’s Flower Show History Tour, many special Flower Show activities and events are scheduled over the show’s two-week run. For details, please see the Events Section.

    Where did all the flowers come from?

    Macy’s partnered with local greenhouses and floral growers in our Chicago location. The truth is, our vast variety of flowers are native to countries all around the world, which is why we were able to create such a unique and wonderful palette you would never see all together in nature.
    Proudly Grown in the USA. For our State Street show, most of the flowers you saw were grown in the USA and compelled to bloom specifically for the timing of Macy’s Flower Show.

    Can I purchase the flowers displayed in the show?

    Unfortunately, these flowers are not available for purchase.

    I’m a florist/vendor. How can I be a part of the show?

    Please contact the Special Events Department in early November 2020 to request participation in the 2021 Macy’s Flower Show. Please contact visitmacys.chicago@macys.com for inquiries.

    Whom can I contact for more information?

    Please call Macy’s State Street at (312) 781-1000 ext. 7116; Macy’s Visitor Information Center at (312) 781-1000 ext. 7107.

  • Take a piece of the Flower Show home with you.

    Visit the official shop on the 1st Floor!
    Products are also available for purchase on our site.

  • A Sea of Inspiration Shopping Package: $65

    Macy’s commemorative Flower Show poster
    Chicago landmark map denim tote bag
    $25 Macy’s Gift Card
    15% VIP Passport Savings Booklet that includes special in-store offers

  • Explore & Eat Specials

    The Walnut Room, Level 7
    Free slice of Frango pie with the purchase of any entrée.
    Now featuring special Flower Show cocktails. For reservations, call (312) 781-3139.

    Signature Kitchen, Lower Level
    Free small bag of plain popcorn at Nuts on Clark with any $7 or more purchase.

    Seven on State, Level 7
    Free California roll at Tabo Sushi with purchase of any entrée.

    Starbucks, Lower Level, Level 1
    Free tall brewed coffee with any purchase of any Starbucks pastry.

    Offers valid during Macy’s 2020 Flower Show only. Expires 4/5/20.

  • Macy’s Flower Show History Tour

    Originally Marshall Fields, Macy’s on State Street is full of history and an experience like no other. Tour highlights include the magnificent Tiffany vaulted ceiling, the iconic Walnut Room restaurant, and breathtaking floral arrangements placed throughout the store.

    Guided Tour: 60 minutes

    Groups of 10 or more may make reservations in advance by calling (312) 781-1000 ext. 7107 or by emailing visitmacys.chicago@macys.com. Group Tours are conducted Monday–Friday between 10AM–4PM and are subject to availability. Ticket price: $12 per person.

    Tours for individuals or groups less than 10 happen on Fridays at 11:30AM. Please visit the Macy’s on State Street Visitor Information Center to make your reservation. Ticket price: $12 per person.



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