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gifts that give hope ten YEARS RWANDA PATH TO PEACE. MACY'S and RWANDA PATH TO PEACE PROGRAM. CELEBRATING ten YEARS OF SUCCESS. Working together towards economic sustainability. FAIR TRADE and SUSTAINABLE INCOME By focusing on poverty reduction through job creation, improved incomes, access to global markets and job skills, women can help lift families and entire communities out of poverty. Fair trade provides artisans an opportunity to improve their quality of life and gives you access to one-of-a-kind crafts. HIV/AIDS HIV-positive weavers can now use earnings to better meet their nutritional needs, increasing their overall health and the effectiveness of medication. No longer stigmatized by the community, they are instead respected for earning an income. RECONCILIATION The project employs thousands of weavers who are organized locally throughout Rwanda. Amazingly, every group consists of women from both sides of the nineteen ninety four Rwanda Genocide conflict. They work side by side, and in the process, build respectful relationships across barriers that once seemed insurmountable. HEART OF HAITI The Heart of Haiti initiative provides some of the first sustainable work after the January two thousand and ten earthquake. 
STEADY INCOME & IMPROVEMENTS Artisans receive half the wholesale price for each item in the collection, a steady income that provides economic relief.
WORKING TOGETHER Heart of Haiti also offers new opportunities for artists to collaborate with U.S. designers, strengthening artisan associations and inspiring and energizing their communities, allowing the rich tradition of Haitian art to live on. hundred GOOD DEEDS Mary Fisher — artist, author, advocate spent a decade partnering with vulnerable women in Africa, designing jewelry made by the women to earn a dignified livelihood. She created the hundred Good Deeds bracelet as both a call to do good deeds and a strategy to empower women. HOW TO WEAR IT 
Wrap it around your wrist three times and adjust the length for comfort. To adjust the length, slide the knot along the cord, closer to the button. Each time you do a good deed, move the ring one bead closer to the button. NON-PROFIT Proceeds from the one hundred Good Deeds bracelet sales are reinvested in The Abataka Foundation, which provides economic and educational opportunities to women and girls across Africa and elsewhere.
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