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Decorate your home with home decor and home decorations from Macy’s. We’ve rounded up everything you need to decorate your dream home.

Looking for home decor ideas?

•    It’s the mix that makes the match. The most recent home decor trends are all about the mix. Combine two or more home decor styles for a vibe that’s all your own. For instance, consider pairing coastal with industrial, or modern with farmhouse, or contemporary with glamour—the combos are endless!

•    Consider every detail (both small and large) as an opportunity. Everything you bring into your space should add to the vibe. Favor the bold? Make an in-your-face statement with a vivacious piece of furniture; think a rich velvet couch or maximalist rug. Prefer to live subtly? Let small, strategically-placed objects like candles, decorative bowls or vases be clues to your style.

•    How to add color to your space? Infuse your home with as much (or as little) color as you’d like. Slipcovers, bedding, pillows are easy ways to incorporate color into a space; they’re also easy to switch up. Commit to color with vibrant accent furniture, wallpaper, window treatments and more. Wall art is another way you can bring color or classic black and white prints into a space.

•    Make the way you entertain a part of your home decor. It’s all fun and games. Or is it? Modern versions of your favorite toys and games can double as decor pieces. Another idea? Style your coffee table with books and trays to help keep things like coasters and remotes organized. Finally, a bar cart can become the focal point of the room when stocked with glasses and bar accessories.

Style Tip: There’s no one “right” way to decorate your space. The main thing is to make sure the home decor is authentic to your personal style.

Ready for a home refresh? Check out Macy’s for all of your home decor and decorative home accessory needs.

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