• Animal Print Shirts

    Walk on the wild side with bold animal print shirts. In eye-catching patterns, these shirts add interest to any outfit.

    Untamed Beauty 
    Bring a new energy to your professional wear with tailored blouses in striking patterns. Slip a bit of leopard beneath a black blazer to warm up your style. Pair a sophisticated reptile print with fitted slacks for a fashionable option that turns heads in the boardroom and break room. 

    Casual Prints
    Elevate a simple look of a blouse and jeans or shorts with the elements of the safari. Pair a loose tunic in a stunning zebra design with sleek skinnies for a weekend look that will make you the center of attention, whether you’re strolling through the mall or dining out. A breezy T-shirt takes on new interest with a feline-inspired print. 

    Fierce Fits
    Perfect your patterned pieces with options that fit your frame just right. Whether you’re shopping for plus size options or petite shirts, the right cut is sure to give you the perfect fit. Give your closet a daring boost with animal print shirts from Macy’s.

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