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Baking Stone

Baking a perfectly delicious pizza requires many things, including having the right ingredients, like fresh dough, fresh tomatoes and cheese and maybe some well-placed pieces of pepperoni and mushroom. Then, maybe sprinkle on a little extra cheese for good measure. Delicious! The creation of the perfect pizza also requires having a hot oven and ultimately, a baking stone to cook it on, to ensure that that pizza has the perfect balance of crunchiness and chewiness. Cut with a stainless steel pizza cutter and you've got the perfect pizza right at home.

Ah yes, it’s all about the crunch! That’s really the key to creating pizzas and other tasty flat-baked foods, like quesadillas and flatbreads. The heat of the oven, timing and the attention of the chef are indeed key to creating wonderfully textured oven-baked pizzas, plus the critical addition of that age-old cooking implement, the pizza stone.

A really good baking stone can make a huge difference in the pizza's taste and feel, as the stone helps to keep heat in and allows it to disperse evenly—without burning. Fine cookware lines like All-Clad have pizza stones in convenient sets that also include a pizza cutter. The Laroma line has stones in larger sizes for that party size pizza. The stones from this line also come with chrome handles for easy lifting from the oven.

Using a stone is like transforming the home oven into a wood-burning hearth—with the same delicious results. Once the pizza is completely baked, it slides easily off the baking stone with a steel spatula and right onto a plate, where it can be enjoyed by family and friends.

Using a stone for baking is actually an ancient tradition, and it’s one that’s been embraced by many of the top Italian pizza restaurants. This technique brings about a perfectly balanced and tasty pie, all in the comfort of the home kitchen. Just add the key ingredients, sprinkle on a little extra mozzarella and cut it with that favorite pizza cutter or knife.

When that at-home chef is ready to step up to restaurant level pizza cooking, get him or her a quality baking stone. The selection is all there, along with other kitchen accessories, at Macy’s.

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