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Betsey Johnson Wallet

For fabulous color mixed with clever artistry and perspective, a Betsey Johnson wallet is a perfect example of going for the gusto. Each Betsey Johnson product is a statement of originality, from coin purses that are a riot of color covered in sequins to leopard print watches and sandals. For the Betsey Johnson fan, there is never a dull moment.

For wallets from Betsey Johnson, the choices are wide and varied and just plain fun. From tiny quilted coin purses to animal prints to interesting anime, every wallet is unique and stands on its own. From glittery top zips to sequined hearts, these wallets are not only one of a kind, they also signify the originality and chemistry of Betsey Johnson, herself. When a wallet is purchased, one knows a bit more about the creator.  And with wallets that run the gamut from glitzy to reversible, there is a lot to take away from just the experience of the purchase.

Other Betsey Johnson products include a wide variety of interesting artifacts. From capes to leopard flip flops to feathered jewelry, the Betsey Johnson array of stuff is flashy and in your face, while at the same time, personal and delicate. For the tiger lover there is tiger stud earrings; for plain cuteness, there are two-toned frog earrings to enjoy.

So, when ready to buy a Betsey Johnson Wallet, whether it is a colorful top zip or a a bright yellow coin purse that looks like a flower, remember that when buying a Betsey Johnson product, you are showing your own special uniqueness and individuality. From beautiful necklaces to high platform pumps to turquoise mismatched earrings, the Betsey Johnson collection is a potpourri of creativity and crazy ideas mixed together to challenge those who need it. And when you decide to grab the brass ring, make sure to shop for all the fun at Macy’s.