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Cast Iron Tea Kettle

For the person who really enjoys a great cup of tea, finding that perfect tea kettle is typically a fun venture. A cast iron tea kettle is an item that is not typically seen, but it offers so much for the tea aficionado. This uniqueness, as well as the reputation of cast iron when it comes to being used as a vessel in which to prepare food and beverages, makes this a product worth exploring.

Cast iron is well known for being a great conductor of heat. This makes it the ideal material to use in cookware since even heat distribution has a number of advantages to the cooks that use it. Primula offers a cast iron tea kettle that is both whimsical and highly practical.

Complete with a loose tea infuser so that tea lovers can get started drinking a wonderful cup of tea right away, a cast iron tea kettle from Primula allows them to have the experience of a lifetime. Choose from two sizes for all those tea drinking occasions.

The 28 ounce tea kettle is available in an earthy green. In addition, there is a spirited dragonfly embossed on the outside of it. Add in a favorite tea cup and this is the perfect way to start any day. The 40 ounce tea kettle is available in black.

In order to ensure that these tea kettles can be cleaned easily, they have been lined with enamel on the interior. Protect this enamel finish as well as the properties of the cast iron by treating it with care. It is best to wash this type of serveware by hand. It is this unique combination of materials that allows a person to obtain a wonderful cup of tea while using this tea kettle.

Find a great cast iron tea kettle the next time you browse through the great selection at Macy's.