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Electric Wok

An electric wok is a very versatile and useful electric cookware to have in the kitchen. With the continued focus in the media on eating right by using as little fat and oil to cook with as possible, stocking the kitchen with cookware such as this is a great way to follow those recommendations. The best thing about it is that flavor is not compromised by the lack of oil since food is seared quickly on the outside.

Because an electric wok is the type of cookware that sears food very quickly, the entire cooking process is very fast and efficient. Only a very small amount of oil, if any, is needed. Try an elegant offering from Presto that is made out of stainless steel with a base clad in aluminum. This promotes even cooking throughout the entire base of the pan.

One secret to using this type of pan is that the food must be stirred constantly. This helps keep the food from sticking since the electric wok heats up to very high temperatures. A wooden spoon or spatula is a useful utensil to have on hand when using a wok.

Every time the lid is lifted off the pan, valuable heat is lost. For this reason, a glass lid, such as the one included with a stainless steel wok by Wolfgang Puck, allows the cook to easily check the progress of the food. The advantage of using a top such as this is that the food continues to cook quickly, lessening the loss of precious vitamins and minerals.

Sautéing, braising, and stir frying foods are easy and quick when this type of pan is used. A wok from Breville allows the chef to work almost anywhere there is an electrical plug. This means dinner can be made right there at the kitchen table for a spectacular show that is as stunning as it is fresh.

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