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Emerald Cut

The emerald-cut style is an elegant and classic design that is perfect for any piece of jewelry and any gemstone for that matter. The cut is so named because it is traditional to cut emeralds in that fashion, but it can be just as beautiful on a diamond, a sapphire, an amethyst or any jewel. What it means is that the jewel has been cut into a square or rectangle, with facets parallel to the girdle, and the corners have been truncated. The corners are truncated for practical reasons, because the sharp corners of a square or rectangle can become points of weakness in a cut gemstone, where the jewel is left vulnerable to fracture, but the cut creates a beautiful and sophisticated effect.

The emerald-cut is also known as step cut, or trap cut. It became most popular during the Art Deco period, when such shapes and lines were all the rage. Even now, wearing jewelry with stones that are step cut evokes the glamour of that era. It was a time of glorious skyscrapers and ornate movie palaces, where art was all around.

Instead of being cut to enhance the gem's brightness and sparkle like a brilliant cut diamond, a step cut enhances the clarity and luster. This means that step cut jewels must be well taken care of, and well polished, because even the slightest imperfection will be very visible.

Step cut stones are often enhanced by a border of round cut diamonds, for a design that has the best of both worlds: brilliance and clarity. Some opt for even more ornate borders, with truly elegant results.

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