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Frye Boots

Frye boots are some of the most durable and well-crafted boots in the market. Macy's has a wide range of styles, so you can be ready for anything, no matter who you are.

Frye boots are made in factories in the United States. The company is very proud of its place in American history; its boots having been worn by real pioneers, cowboys and war heroes, and the fact that they continue to operate in the United States at a time when many other shoe companies have fled. Established in 1863, Frye is the oldest continuously operating shoemaker in the country. With that history comes a legacy of quality and craftsmanship that Frye still lives up to today.

It takes almost 200 individual steps to fully craft a pair of Frye leather boots. They use only the highest quality leather from all over the world, including such exotic leather like Egyptian buffalo, and tan them using natural oils.

Many styles that are still available today are directly inspired by the American history that Frye has been a part of. The Campus style of boots, still very popular today particularly in women's boots, epitomize and reflect the style of boots worn by campus activists of the 1960s and 1970s. The recognizable chunky heel and bulky toe of Frye's Campus boot can be seen on display at the Smithsonian Institute representing this particular era.

The Harness style, which was inspired by the American cavalry, is based on the original boots sold by Frye in the 1860s. It continues to be popular in both women's boots and men's boots, and is made in many different colors, heights and leather -- some with stud, some with buckles, and some with zippers.

When you get your pair of Frye boots, they will need the best of care. Frye recommends that you clean, moisturize and condition the leather to preserve its appearance and high quality. If you do notice a manufacturer's defect, it will be covered within the first two years by Frye's limited warranty.

What is stopping you from going to Macy's today and picking up a pair of Frye boots? No high fashion wardrobe is complete without these durable, impeccably crafted pieces of history, so visit macy’ now and grab your own pair!