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Golf Clothes

Golf clothes are actually quite versatile. Whatever is comfortable usually works. There are certain items that are evocative of the game. A certain look is most at home on the course. Men and women can each easily find the right clothing for a game of golf. For instance, Athletic wear is always a great bet. Champions Tour and Totes have fantastic options for guys who love the game. Ladies, check out appealing, preppy pieces from Izod and Ralph Lauren. Always be comfortable no matter what. Sturdy, durable shoes are a must as well. Always consider the weather and take along a comfy cardigan or a loose jacket.

Guys, in need of the right golf clothes? Lots of men's apparel lends itself well to the much-loved game. Certain patterns are practically iconic. Checks, plaids and madras are always a good bet. Seersucker is an ideal material, especially on warm days. Many golf courses have required rules for clothing. Collared shirts are both necessary and fashionable. Keep things cool but stylish with a polo shirt. Stripes or solid colors work best and pastel hues are fantastic. Consider tops from Izod. Champions Tour has a number of choices as well. Pair polos with loose shorts or khakis and make sure they are well-fitted and comfortable.

Clothing for women is just as laid back. It's easy to find golf clothes for the ladies. Khaki shorts from Ralph Lauren work great. Look for all kinds of sportswear options. Lightweight button-up shirts are ideal. Polos are a good choice here as well. Twin sets with tank tops and cardigans are very cute. Try capris and clam diggers too. Even skirts are a good idea on very warm days. Go with classic colors like pink, blue, cream, yellow and green. Stripes and plaids make fabulous patterns, too. Find golf clothes and sporty clothing for men and women at Macy's.

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