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Boil water to piping hot perfection with a kettle. Whether you love tea or coffee, a shiny stainless tea pot can make hot drinks a daily routine fast. Stainless steel is a great choice for those who like to change kitchen décor often, because the shiny cool tone metal matches any other colors. Bright, colorful kitchens will be reflected attractively in a shiny metal tea pot. Find tea and coffee pots in a variety of materials from Chantal, KitchenAid, Primula, Bodum and many more.

Want a splash of color with your hot beverage? Put an enamel tea pot on to boil and enjoy a cheerful start to the day. These tea pots feature shiny coatings that can be tinted in many different colors, such as sea blue, cherry red, lime green, warm berry, mustard yellow and more. Beneath the enamel layer, these tea pots are made of aluminum or stainless steel. This metal foundation makes the colorful porcelain layer outside extra durable.

Many tea drinkers enjoy seeing the color of their drink as it steeps. A glass tea pot displays the contents clearly inside a shiny clear carafe. Many glass tea pots feature built-in baskets to hold and strain tea leaves. Some tea pots in glass are rounded and shaped similar to a traditional tea pot.

For the busy coffee or tea lover, a whistling tea pot will announce the moment the water inside comes to boil. These tea pots feature small caps over the pouring spout with a small hole in the center; when the water begins to boil, the amount of steam increases, pushing through the hole and creating a loud, clear whistling tone. For many people, the whistling of their kettle is an enjoyable part of their morning routine.

An electric tea pot is an excellent choice for smaller kitchens. These devices clear up the stove top with a self-heating carafe that can make coffee or tea all by itself. Some electric tea pots are corded, while others save even more space with cordless designs that can be picked up and placed anywhere just like a regular tea pot. An electric tea pot can be used to make other food and drinks such as soup or cocoa, as well. Most models include an auto shutoff feature for safety.

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