Lip Primer

Experimenting with makeup is a great way to focus on certain aspects of your personality and try out new colors. Lip primer is one of many innovations from the cosmetics industry that helps makeup last longer. This product works to improve skin texture, which may prevent lipstick from settling into dry areas or wiping off during an evening out. Toss a tube into your purse and apply the product throughout the day as needed.

The Urban Decay line presents primer potions that are petite yet powerful. Shaped like traditional lip balm, these selections guard against fading and feathering and feature a slanted tip for easy application. The blend also includes SPF protection, so it's ideal for using before an outdoor event.

Also, pair lip primer with complexion primer potions that make it easier to confidently show off a fresh-faced look without worrying about the color running or transferring to other surfaces. These solutions have several beneficial ingredients besides helping hues stay true, such as wrinkle fighters, skin brighteners, and pore reducers. Take them on the go when you want to look great but can't bring along several beauty products.

Turn attention to other areas of the face by purchasing cheek primer, too. Lines like Laura Mercier have oil-free blends that illuminate and tone skin while making cosmetics stay put.

After applying products that prepare the skin for cosmetics, have fun picking out appealing hues that complement eye color, skin tone, or even a particular ensemble. Stila offers appealing possibilities for lip stains. Spread them on the lips to create a healthy and alluring glow, too.

Whether you're looking for something to wear at the office or during a night on the town, products like lip primer and other similar ideas fit your lifestyle and help you go for longer amounts of time without reapplying favorite beauty products. Update your cosmetics collection today by shopping at Macy's.