Liquid Foundation

In today's busy world, who has time to worry about their makeup? Liquid foundation provides sheer coverage and flawless skin tone to even the most active women. From super soft ivory to deepest chocolate and every shade in between, liquid makeup provides the coverage women need for that flawless face all day long.

Smooth as silk foundation provides the basis for beautiful makeup. Smoothed on with a foundation brush and sealed with finishing powder, liquid foundation provides clear coverage for blemishes, freckles and acne. Even coverage is perfect and lightweight formulations by Cargo, Shiseido, Stila and others mean that skin won't feel weighted down with heavy makeup. The flawless coverage from foundation and powder means there is little need to worry about cracking or drying of the skin.

Today's technology also means oil free formulations that help keep the skin firm, healthy and fresh. SPF protection, moisturizers and an absence of alcohol make liquid makeup nourishing to the skin. When combined with other skincare products, keeping the face fresh and clear is easy.

Liquid makeup forms the basis of a fresh face. Add in a bronzer or blusher for color and a lip liner and gloss for a lip that pops. Use a variety of eye shadows, eyeliners and mascaras to create daywear looks, evening looks and that flirty smoky eye for those special nights out. From simple, understated makeup ideal for day time use to more elaborate makeup for nights, starting the look off with the right foundation makes a difference.

Women wear makeup into battle, be it in the boardroom, in the park, at the grocery store or on a date. Start off your makeup look right with the best foundation possible. Liquid makeup is the ideal way to start that fresh makeup look. Find a fresh and clear liquid foundation available at Macy's.