Love Seats

Create an atmosphere that encourages comfort and relaxation while providing a practical place to sit by decorating a room with a small, comfortable sofa. Smaller sofas, or love seats, feature two cushions and are ideal for setting up an intimate environment ideal for entertaining small groups or just for relaxing at the end of the day.

Love seats are available as standalone furniture pieces or can become a part of a larger sectional set. Use a standalone love seat where room is sparse or for creating a smaller, intimate space that allows guests and individuals to sit within close proximity to each other. Larger sectionals can provide extra space that is great for stretching out after a long day of work or ideal for entertaining large groups of people.

For a modern take on the classic love seat consider a small sofa from the Alessia furniture collection. This leather love seat features the traditional, two-cushion set up but with a modern twist. Designed to mimic the sleek, straight lines popular amongst modern décor, this love seat from Alessia will help create an intimate setting while blending into any contemporary home furniture set.

Pair a love seat up with a curved connector and larger sofa for a sectional that provides extra space for resting and entertaining. Made out of an ultra-soft down cushioning, the Virtual furniture collection features love seats, sofas, chaises, and ottomans that can be combined in any number of ways to create a comfortable sectional that is perfect for everyone in the family.

Whether creating an intimate setting that is perfect for those quieter evenings or ensuring there is enough space so guests are comfortable, a love seat will provide a practical and comfortable place to sit. Find the perfect accent for any living room or den by shopping the complete collection of love seats, sofas, ottomans and sectionals at Macy’s.