Nba Jersey

Take a cue from your favorite basketball players and show your team spirit by wearing an authentic looking NBA jersey. Shop for a sleeveless mesh top from the colorful assortment of shirts available featuring color schemes and logos from the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and others. You’ll look like a pro on and off the court.

Want to show the competition you’re a true baller? Choose from the wide variety of men’s NBA jersey options. Whether you support a legendary East Coast franchise such as the Celtics or love a rising organization like the Los Angeles Clippers, you’ll find an awesome top featuring the number—on front and back—of one of the team’s top stars. Each shirt from Adidas is designed in the iconic team colors—from the Celtics’ iconic kelly green and white to the Bulls’ red with black and white accent—with the team name in bold letters on the front. The NBA logo—at the top left—gives each shirt a stamp of legitimacy. Whether you’re shooting hoops in your backyard, watching an NBA game on TV or cheering on your team live at an arena, you’ll be able to let everyone know what team you love. Complete a handsome, sporty look with jeans or basketball shorts and sneakers from our huge collections of menswear.

Check out women’s NBA jersey collections for the female hoops fan in your life. If she’s a New York Knicks fan or Lakers girl, get her a shirt that shows everyone where her heart lies. Shop the fashionable varieties of V neck t shirts from Adidas that feature short, capped sleeves and bold and cool looking graphic print of the team’s name. She’ll look amazing in the vibrant t shirts when coordinated with skinny jeans and heels for a chic, sporty outfit.

Find an NBA jersey for your favorite team today at Macy’s. When you browse men's or women's sportswear, you’ll discover great deals on colorful styles and well crafted gear for basketball fans and supporters of other sports as well.