• Nike Pullover Hoodie

    Whether out doing athletic activities or simply looking to stay warm on chilly days, choose a Nike pullover hoodie to do the job. A hoodie is a great choice for those times when a lightweight jacket is needed to protect against the outdoor elements. Wear this kind of hoodie while on a run outside, on the way to the gym or even on the commute to work in the morning. It can be worn in almost any casual situation, from working out to a day of running errands. Pair with shorts and tank tops or T-shirts and jeans to complete the look.

    The athletic man will certainly enjoy wearing a Nike pullover hoodie. The sweatshirt pulls on and off over the head quite easily, while providing just the right amount of warmth. On the way to the gym, try the half-zip hoodie. This hoodie slips right on and off for easy access at the gym. Go ahead and match it to compression pants if you’re going for a run on the treadmill or wear it with track pants as well. If you’re the kind that likes to exercise outside, try a full-zip hoodie on a long distance run or a bike ride. With the full zip, it’s easy to take the jacket off, without missing a step. Simply tie the jacket around your waist when it gets too hot to wear. And, don’t forget the running shoes. You’ll want your feet to be comfortable as well while exercising. To get the full Nike experience, try a hoodie with the Nike block logo. This logo is recognized around the world, so wear it proudly as you go about your day, either exercising or a day of running errands. Wear it with running shorts while exercising or wear it with jeans for an afternoon lunch.

    While shopping for a Nike pullover hoodie, be sure to pick up some footwear as well. Of course, you’ll need running shoes for your exercising, but don’t forget about the flip-flops and sandals as well. You can keep feet comfortable no matter what activity you are involved in, even while wearing sandals. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day.

    Shop for a Nike pullover hoodie, and footwear to go with the hoodie, at Macy’s.