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Salad Spinner

Enjoy fresh salads every night with a salad spinner. This simple and efficient little device whirls salad around in an inner slotted liner, using centrifugal force to whisk away excessive moisture into the outer bowl. Perfectly washed lettuce and other greens come out of the spinner dry. This prevents water droplets from diluting the flavor of dressings and keeps salad light and crisp. Find great spinners for salad from Martha Stewart Collection, OXO and others.

The movement of a salad spinner tosses your green feast in the process, making most spinners double as salad bowls. To keep this option handy, choose a spinner salad bowl in a material that matches dinnerware or servewear. When it's time to serve the salad, just place the spinner bowl on the table and treat it as a salad bowl. The inner slotted liner can also make a handy colander when separated from the spinner.

Want to keep the countertop clear? Save space in the kitchen with a collapsible spinner for salad. As the name suggests, these spinners can compress down to a much more compact size for storage, leaving more room for food preparation on days when salad isn't part of the menu. Collapsible spinners are also the perfect choice for people who want to serve salad in a special salad bowl and leave the spinner behind in the kitchen.

Make spinning the greens a part of dining fun with a glass bowl spinner for salad. Glass spinners are transparent on the outside, creating a fun view of dinner's crispy green course as the water on it flies out onto the sides of the bowl. Like most other salad spinner varieties, glass spinners are operated using a simple push button on the top, so the sides won't be obscured during spinning.

For a colorful change of a pace, a plastic spinner for salad is a fun addition to the kitchen or dining room. Wash and dry greens in a fun blue or white bowl. Some spinners feature whimsical designs that operate by pulling a self-retracting cord instead of pushing a button. Kids will love helping prep salad with a cord operated spinner.
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