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Skinny Ties

Fashion trends come and go, but some styles remain constant. Skinny ties are one example. A few changes are made at different times to keep them current. Take some time at the beginning of each season to shop for this wardrobe basic so it continues to be a favorite men’s accessory.

For neck wear to be classified as a skinny tie, the width will be between 1-1/5” and 3” in width. Alfani makes a beautiful tie that is 1-1/5” wide. This tie looks perfect with a suit or when simply worn with a dress shirt.

To make sure that a tie is available that will match any color shirt, choose a Nautica tie with a plaid design. The different colors in the pattern can be mixed or matched with different shirts, which means the tie is worn more often. Ties with designs by Tommy Hilfiger are also popular. Pinstripes are, of course, a top choice, but other available designs mean a different one can be worn every day.

The monochromatic style (shirt and tie are both the same shade) is also a popular trend, and skinny ties lend themselves well to this color choice. Choose from basic shades that can be matched with shirts of the same color for this very dressy look.Skinny ties also allow for various tying methods. For a different look, rather than make a traditional smooth four-in-one or Windsor knot, leave a few creases in the knot. This is one example of a cravat tie, and is a good way to give a favorite suit a different look a While silk is one type of fabric with which to make ties, other materials also offer a wider selection of choices. A well-made knit tie offers an interesting contrast to a cotton or silk shirt.A few hours set aside to shop for a skinny tie, in different styles, colors, and brands, including Ben Herman, will reveal the wide selection available. Look for skinny ties at Macy’s.