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Stainless Steel Bowls

Some kitchen items have a certain perfection to them. It’s the combination of design, construction and practicality that conveys this sense of perfection to some very special items, and stainless steel bowls qualify for this rarified distinction. Stainless steel is a highly durable and usable element for creating a bowl. It handles easily, lasts for years and years, and frankly, it looks good. Bowls made in stainless steel are perfect for food preparation, temporary storage, and display. It doesn’t get much more perfect than that.

The Martha Stewart Collection has gotten word of the perfection of stainless steel. That’s why this fine kitchen utensil maker has come up with sets of stainless steel bowls that nest together perfectly. They look pretty. They store well. They’re perfect for mixing up the perfect elements of a great recipe. Plus, each nesting bowl has a lid so ingredients can be refrigerated for later meal preparation.

Kitchen Aid understands the perfection of stainless steel, too. This line has mixing bowls that can be placed in a Kitchen Aid electric mixer, to replace an already used bowl. Some recipes require multiple bowls, so it’s nice to have a perfect extra mixing bowl on hand.

Michael Aram has taken the idea of a bowl in stainless steel to another level, with his pieces from the New Molten Collection. This collection features bowls and serveware in shimmering stainless steel that are intricately crafted, so that each piece is unique. This elegant collection includes bowls, serving trays, pitchers and more. These shimmering pieces will add extra shine to a very special holiday or dinner event.

Vera Wang is also lending her creative touch to bowls and barware. The Debonair Collection from Vera Wang features nut bowls, serving platters and cocktail shakers in an art deco design in stainless steel with black enamel. The effect? Gorgeous and practically perfect, too.

When its time to add new bowls to the kitchen set, take a look at the stainless steel bowls, at Macy’s.

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