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Trendy Boots

Embrace fashion sense with a pair of trendy boots. Many cousins of boots designed for function have found their way down the catwalk with a more modern appeal. Fashion changes from generation to generation, and trying to keep up with the new trends often requires a bold sense and some trial and error. Yes, even some of the major fashion designers and models have had their taste of the dreadful humiliation of being caught in public, sometimes worse, on camera, with a major fashion faux pas or less than a successful look.

Trendy in of itself has taken on different shapes throughout the years. Once upon a time, one item was the in thing. Trend defined what people wore. Modern days, the person defines the trend. Expressing oneself with individuality has become the trend. But, some fashion staples are timeless where the trend only exhibits some slight changes with modern, expressive appeal while the vintage look of the more original designs are classically modern.

Cowboy boots spawned from the working man of the wild, Wild West. Once upon a time, the cowboy boot was designed to protect the leg from snakes, critters and sagebrush. Out west in modern times, the cowboy boot is a wardrobe must-have and an icon of personality. Globally, the cowboy boot is a fashionable trend worn by men and women with casual styles like blue jeans as well as dress clothes. 

The platform shoe goes in and out of popularity but is never considered a fashion no-no. Boots are now adding a little extra height with platform booties and ankle boots suitable for all year round wear. Some even appeal to glamorous looks with studded, shimmery accents and peep toes. You can find platform boots in a rainbow of colors from the neutral shades of blacks and browns to the vibrant shades of reds and yellows.

The knee-high boot and over-the-knee boot are timeless classics. Give the leg a little extra warmth and pair the boot with a mini skirt or with tight leggings or skinny jeans. Some styles can be worn with jeans. With these boots, calf size is just as important as shoe size. For wider calves, consider an extended calf boot.

Other than the trendy boots styles themselves, the materials often become an ever-lasting style in fashion. Leather boots are durable and conform to the foot with continued wear. Suede leather provides a softer more velvet like appearance. Many boots also offer weather proofing technology like water-resistance and cushioned soles.

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