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Watch Boxes

Watch boxes are considered a must have for anyone who owns more than one watch. In fact, even if you only own one watch, it is recommended that it be placed in a watch box for safe keeping, when not in use. This is because a watch is best taken care of when it is encased in a safe space where dust and disorder is at a minimum.

Watch boxes can be very elegant and attractive. Most boxes are made of hard wood such as oak or mahogany. Hard wood is also a good protector for delicate pieces such as timepieces. Some good-looking boxes are made of leather, too. Most boxes for watches are made with drawers or compartments that will hold several timepieces. Of course, there are many variations on the design of a good watch box. The main thing to look for is the sturdiness of the box, the softness of each compartment, and whether the box is big enough to hold a few watches.

Also, the interior of the box is as important as the outside, maybe more. Some boxes have a suede lining, others have soft materials that will keep the watch safe. The interior of these boxes are important to the safety of the watch. Of course some watches come in their own box, such as in a boxed watch set from GUESS or Nautica. These boxes are usually steel and can hold just the watch itself along with interchangeable straps, usually one of leather and one of steel, for the watch itself.

So when the time comes to decide if a good selection of watch boxes might be worth the effort, be sure to look at all the options before making up your mind. Also, be sure to take your own sterling silver watch or watch collection into consideration. Realize that a good watch box is probably a good idea, especially with more than one watch needing some shelter for when it is not in use. And when you have found the box with the most appeal; one that will keep your watches safe as well as looking beautiful, then make your decision while you shop at Macy’s.