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A wok is extremely versatile around the kitchen. This cookware allows for stir-frying, deep frying, sautéing, roasting and so much more. Easily incorporate healthy seafood, vegetables and fruits into dishes with this versatile type of skillet. Several accessories are also available to make it even more versatile and useful in the kitchen.

A wok is a type of skillet. Just as with a skillet, there are several types to choose from, such as stainless steel and those with non-stick coatings. The coating keeps food from sticking, so it's possible to reduce or even eliminate using oils for cooking many types of foods. This coating also makes cleaning up a breeze. Look for versions by Calphalon and others.

A half-moon tray can be used to steam foods, such as vegetables. Steaming brings out the natural flavors of the food without overcooking or cooking out the nutrients of the food. Perfectly steamed vegetables have a hint of crunchiness that many people prefer over soft vegetables. Find a complete set of pan with tray by Tools of the Trade and more.

It is recommended that wooden utensils be used when cooking with a wok, rather than metal or plastic utensils that might scratch the surface of the pan. With a set of wooden tongs, spoon and fork, it is easy to cook most any food imaginable. Look for a complete set that includes the pan and the utensils by BergHOFF and others.

A deep fry basket is also handy with woks. This basket can be placed over the top or held into the pan to perfectly fry and drain wraps, fritters and other fried delicacies. Deep fry baskets are offered as part of a complete set by Bodum and others, and are also sold separately.

Shop to find a wok and all the accessories and utensils you need to cook virtually any foods, today at Macy's.

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