Down Comforters and Down Alternative

Think of your bedroom as your sanctuary. Create a restful space with the perfect bedding. Sleep easy with down and down alternative comforters. Choose from a crisp white comforter that goes with anything to a comforter featuring a bold print you’ll love waking up to—we’ve got it all. Stock up on bedding essentials including sheets, pillows and pillowcases, too.

The key to a great bedding set begins with a cozy comforter. Make your bed with a down comforter. Down comforters are filled with feathers from birds like geese and ducks. These comforters provide plush comfort, warmth and more. Down alternative comforters, typically, feature a mixture of synthetic materials in place of feathers. Down alternative comforters can feel just as cozy and luxe.

You can use a comforter on it’s own or as filler for a duvet cover when you want to switch things up. When choosing the perfect comforter, be sure to keep the weight in mind. Explore our lightweight, mediumweight and lightweight options. Sensitive to allergens in the air? Go with a hypoallergenic comforter to help you breathe easy. 

Rest assured, down and down alternative comforters are the answer. Shop for down and down alternative comforters, plus stock up on bedding essentials at Macy’s.

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    know the difference between two very popular & plush fills


    DOWN naturally insulates & provides warmth in the winter & breathability in the summer shop down

    Down Alternative

    DOWN ALTERNATIVE this synthetic fill feels similar to down but comes at a budget-friendly price shop down alternative


    take note of the comforter's fill weight ––the higher the number, the more down inside & the heavier it feels


    soft, breathable & ideal for warmer climates or those who prefer coverage with a tiny touch of warmth shop light


    a balance of density & warmth that is perfect for all seasons & cooler climates shop medium


    a maximum weight & high density for the coldest conditions shop heavy


    look for the comforter's fill power, which measures the fluffiness of the down & how well it traps

    air & insulates the bed –– the higher the fill, the fluffer the down.

    five hundred fifty to six hundred fill power image

    550-600 FILL POWER a great value, European down fill keeps things warm.

     six hundred to six hundred fifty fill power image

    600-650 FILL POWER a bit more insulation & a loftier feel for incredible warmth.

    six hundred fifty to seven hundred fill power image

    650-700 FILL POWER Siberian goose down feels luxurius & stands up to the coldest nights.


    the easiest part –– picking the size that fits your mattress or duvet cover!

    twin size is 39 inch into 75 inch
    twinXL size is 39 inch into 80 inch
    twin XL
    full size is 54 inch into 75 inch
    queen size is 60 inch into 80 inch
    king size is 76 inch into 80 inch
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