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Air Purifiers

Breath in…now exhale and relax. One of the first things you might (unnoticeably) do when you walk through the door after a long day is take a deep breath to unwind. Do you ever wonder what is in the air your breathing in? Probably not, because you’re just happy to be home! Don’t worry, you’re in the norm. Macy’s helps to make sure the air you’re breathing is free of any possible harmful airborne particles and chemicals with air purifiers. Shop a great collection of air purifiers from top brands such as Germ Guardian, Brondell, Homedics, Dyson and more, available at Macy’s!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need an Air Purifier:

1. You Have a Newborn or Are Pregnant. Prevent prenatal pollution exposure. Preventing early chemical exposure, even at the newborn age or while still in the womb, is vital. It is believed that disease is an on-going process in the body that may take years to evolve from the earliest stage. Air Purifiers help stop that early, unwanted chemical exposure by filtering the harmful chemicals and particles out of the air.

2. You Have Children. The apple(s) of your eye—keep them safe. Your child cannot excrete chemicals as efficiently as you do, which unfortunately makes them more vulnerable to the effects of air pollution. Many children also suffer from allergies and asthma, which are aggravated by airborne particles and chemicals. Help eliminate unwanted side effects in your children by stopping the chemicals in their tracks with an air purifier.

3. You Have Allergies. Give your allergies a break. Allergies are not only triggered by airborne particles like dust, pollen and dander, but also by airborne chemicals from cleaning products, flooring and furniture. Air purifiers with activated carbon and HEPA filtration can help remove these pesty particles and harmful chemicals.

4. You Have Asthma, or Other Respiratory Problems. Breathe easier. Air purifiers are recommended for those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems as they can help improve air quality for better breathing.

5. You Have Pets. Don’t forget about Spot. Air purifiers not only remove airborne pet hair dander and odor (for the allergy sufferer) but will also protect your pets from indoor air pollution. Dogs and cats tend to spend more time indoors and are also closer to the floor where dust, toxins and airborne chemicals collect.

Helpful Hint: Consider the size of the room you will be using the air purifier for. This will determine the size air purifier you need.

Now that’s a breath of fresh air: Shop Macy’s today for great air purifiers for cleaner, healthier indoor air!

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