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College Dorm Room Essentials

College jitters gone—you got the letter. You accepted. If you’re heading off to college for the first time, congrats! Soon you’ll be meeting your roommate, picking out your classes, joining organizations and making new friends—sounds exciting, right? But first comes the packing and preparing. Macy’s can help prep you for move-in day with an awesome packing list. Shop our dorm room must-haves from brands you love such as Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Locker Room by Lids, Lucky Brand and Martha Stewart Collection Essentials, created for Macy’s. Ready, set, enter the freshmen!

College Dorm Room Essentials: Whether you’re a college student or shopping with a college student, make sure you pick up these college dorm essentials!

Bedding: To help you get those precious 8-hour ZZZ’s.

1. Twin or twin XL sheets. You’ll want to check whether the dorms have regular twin or XL twin beds prior to this purchase.
2. Mattress pad or topper. Bring on the memory foam…college dorm beds aren’t known to be the most comfortable.
3. Mattress and pillow protectors. Perfect for a fresh feeling bed, they can also easily be taken off to launder.
4. Pillows. Your afternoon nap’s best friend.
5. Blankets or comforters. Your afternoon nap’s other best friends.
6. Throw pillows or throw blankets. Grab a few of these to add style to your dorm room bed.

Bath: Ahhhhh! The dreaded communal bathrooms and showers…grab these items for survival.

1. Towels. Grab sets of towels in bright or distinguished colors and patterns.
2. Washcloths. Sets of washcloths are ideal as well.
3. Shower caddy. To easily carry your toiletries from your room to the bathroom.
4. Shower shoes. Keep your feet fungi-free with these communal shower must-haves.
5. Bathrobe. Grab a cute and cozy bathrobe for your trips to the bathroom.

Storage and Organization: These essentials help make your life a little easier—because college classes are hard enough!

1. Storage containers. Because dorm room space is limited.
2. Shoe storage. This means you can buy more shoes. Go ahead and pick up that pair you’ve been eyeing.
3. Clothing storage. This is perfect if your dorm has a small closet and you can’t fit it all.
4. Under bed storage. Make good use of all your space (like under your bed)!
5. Vacuums and Floor Care. To clean up pesty dust balls or accidental spills and messes.
6. Pop-up hamper. Pops up for dirty clothes and conveniently folds down when it’s empty.
7. Laundry bag. The lighter the better, as you may have a long walk to the laundry room.
8. Ironing board. If you have to store most of your clothes, they will likely be wrinkly.
9. Hangers and hooks. To nicely hang clothes that you don’t want to store away.
10. Alarm clock. Set a few extra alarms so you can make that 8 a.m. chemistry class.

Kitchen: For late night snacks after the cafeteria closes.

1. Appliances. Find out what appliances are permitted (such as a toaster oven or mini-fridge) and coordinate with your roommate(s).
2. Cups, bowls or flatware. Even though you’ll primarily be eating in the cafeteria, it’ nice to have these on hand.
3. Snacks. Perfect for movie night with friends or when you need a brain boost to finish your thesis paper.

Décor: These decoration essentials are what dream(dorm)s are made of.

1. Wall art. Show off your personality and style and liven up dull dorm room walls.
2. Picture frames. To showcase pictures of family and friends.
3. Curtains. Specifically, blackout curtains so you can pass out after your all-nighter.
4. Lighting. Desk lamps are essential for late-night cramming while your roommate is sleeping.

That feeling when you just checked everything off your list…#DormRoomGoals. Shop Macy’s today for all your college dorm room essentials!

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