Smart Watches

Looking for the latest smart watches? Time’s ticking! Head to your nearest Macy’s to check out our great selection from the brands you know and love.

Stay connected (and punctual) with smart watches. These modern designs have tons of awesome features. A key feature is the ability to sync your smart watch with your cell phone—get texts, calls, access to your schedule, alerts and more without needing your phone in your hand. It’s a great option when you need to go hands-free.

Smart watches are also a great investment for those of us who love to workout and are health-conscious. Strap on a smart watch to monitor your heart rate, track your steps, keep track of your sleep patterns and much more.

It’s easy to sync up your look with styles that are cute and customizable. If your style is trendy, experiment with bright colors and playful patterns. Have a more classic aesthetic? Stick with neutrals like black, brown or metal bands—they’re timeless! Grab a few options so you can switch up your look in a flash.

Tick. Tock. Shop. Discover smart watches, accessories, tablets and other gadgets to help make your life easier at Macy’s.

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