Kitchen Thermometers

    Thermometers are a handy tool to have around the kitchen. Whether you are making a roast chicken or working with sugar, a good kitchen thermometer is key to accuracy. Knowing when to put off the heat to get that perfect succulent meat dish is much easier when you have thermometers to give you an accurate temperature reading. Or, perfect that smooth, silky-rich caramel with your candy thermometer.    

    The Right Thermometer for Your Kitchen 

    When looking for a thermometer online, the key factor to consider is how you are going to be using your kitchen thermometer. A meat thermometer is a great choice for making steaks or grilling chicken. If you work with sweets, go for a candy thermometer instead of a food thermometer, as these can go up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For quick readings when you’re racing against time, a digital thermometer is a convenient solution. But if you prefer it old school, analog thermometers are always at your service.

    Using Kitchen Thermometers

    Kitchen thermometers, especially the ones with probes, are typically used in conjunction with a deep pot and other non-stick cookware. Some people also prefer using rubber or silicone spatulas to get their sugar mixtures cleanly out of the bowls and other bakeware. A great set of knives makes preparing steaks and other meat dishes easy and quick. Store your prepared dishes and keep them fresh longer in the fridge in an air-tight container.


    How Do You Make Sure Your Thermometers Are Accurate?

    To test the accuracy of a thermometer, you will need a glass of ice water. Take your thermometer and put it into the ice water, at least one inch below the surface. Insert it as low as you can without allowing the thermometer to touch the base of the glass. Hold it steady and wait for the temperature to register. The reading should show 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. If it does, you know your thermometer is accurate.

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