Make every day cooking tasks simple, with tools from OXO. Don’t waste time using basic tools on specialized tasks; pick up the right gadget or gizmo for the job—and spend time thinking up creative new uses for these great devices. Find the right products for each stage of the cooking process—from cutting to cooking, onward to eating, storage and cleanup. 

    Slice and dice with knives. Store cutlery in a handy wooden block when not in use, and cut ingredients with ease during chopping time. For extra thin slicing, rely on a mandolin. For easy shredding, it’s time for a grater. Find options for specific fruits and vegetables—like an apple corer or potato peeler. When preparing a meal calls for smashing instead of cutting, there are tools for that too. Flatten everything from chicken to beef with a meat tenderizer. Crush vegetables just as easily with a handheld garlic press (or potato masher once potatoes are done simmering on the stove top).

    Time to concoct a delicious creation? To open up ingredients, rely on a can opener. Stirring is simple with a set of stackable mixing bowls that offer just the right size for every batch. Combine ingredients with ease with the help of a handy eggbeater. Another way to mix things up is with a dressing shaker or salad spinner. Want to spice things up? Add a dash of seasoning from salt and pepper shakers. Access other spices with a convenient cupboard turntable. For the task of measuring, pick out precise amounts with measuring cups and spoons. Have every instrument on hand with a kitchen tool set that keeps it all orderly stored. When cooking outdoors, replace that kitchen set with a grill set.

    Cook with useful OXO tools. Heat up water for tea, coffee or cocoa with a special teakettle. Use tongs to handle cooking foods, or a more specialized fish turner for seafood. Test temperature while cooking with a meat thermometer, but once food is finished, use a colander for straining or oven mitt to handle piping hot entrees. Eating can be a simple task too, with helpful accessories. Keep fingers butter-free with handy corn holders.

    Once a delicious meal is over, OXO creates easy storage solutions. Take beverages along or store them for later with sippy cups for kids or travel mugs for adults. Keep delectable baked goods in a cookie jar (or portable snack cups) and everything else beneath the lids of storage containers. Pick out just the right size and shape to perfectly fit each dish of food (or be the fitting puzzle piece to a fridge or freezer already filled to the brim). Find round, square and rectangular sets of containers—in various sizes—to pick out just the right canister for the job. 

    Cleanup is a breeze with a dishwasher basket. Or skip the machine, take a sponge out of the holder and let items air dry with a dish rack or drying mat. Dry hands with the convenient supply from a paper towel holder and clear floors of crumbs with a sweep set. From floor care to barware, OXO makes every day easier with special kitchen tools for every task. Find them all at Macy’s.


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