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Clinique 3 Step

Transform your skin from dull to dynamic with the Clinique 3-Step skin care system. Enhance your complexion when you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize with advanced formulas from this iconic brand. Discover the ideal way to clean pores and rid your skin of bacteria-causing acne. You’ll minimize the recurrence of blemishes with regular treatments. Slough off dead skin cells and reinvigorate your skin with scrubs that leave your face refreshed and renewed. Complete your beautifying regiment when you add a lightweight layer of our hydrating lotions and creams. The result? A radiant, gorgeous glow.

Check out this amazingly effective treatment that only takes three minutes. It’s so easy to add to your daily morning ritual and you’ll see how stunning your skin will look in no time. When you choose a liquid or hard facial soap, enjoy the lather you work up when you wash your face. Don’t worry about drying out your skin—the cleanser doesn’t strip away any vital elements. No matter your skin type—oily, dry or combination—you’re sure to find a specialized formula for your condition.

The next part of the Clinique 3-Step treatment involves achieving a deeper level of cleaning. Check out clarifying lotions that have exfoliating ingredients to help clear oily skin. The formula is mild enough to apply every day but effective that you’ll see marked improvement. Your skin will look fresher and more vibrant. When you add a hydrating lotion to lock in moisture, you’ve completed the easy, multipart cleansing process.  Go for the daily renewal and love how fabulous you’ll look.

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