When it comes to your nails, it can be easy to forget how to pamper and primp them. But with the right rotation of nail buffers, files, clippers and polishes, you’ll reinvigorate the look and vibrancy of both your hands and feet. You can even opt for complete manicure sets to give yourself the full treatment!

Before you can apply your nail polish, you have to make sure that you’ve fully removed any prior color. An acetone-free nail polish remover will gently remove all traces of lacquer from your nails, while also hydrating and nourishing them. You can also find scented removers with fragrances like coconut or almond.

Having issues with calluses? A strong, sturdy buffer is just what you need to wick away flaky, callused skin. Providing you with a professional grade of quality, you’ll be able to easily swipe away the dead skin cells on your feet or hands to smooth and enhance the look of your skin.

Before you apply your nail polish, you’ll need a fortifying all-in-one base that acts as a top coat and nail strengthener as well. Applying a base before you put on your nail polish—in addition to a top coat after—will help your nails to dry much faster and more seamlessly. The fast-acting drying agent allows the polish to set more efficiently, not to mention giving each nail a glossier, shinier appearance.

Looking for the perfect polish to match with your skin tone or the season? You’ll find everything from bright pinks and dark reds to dramatic violets and stunning blues. Coordinate the colors with your makeup palette too—whether you’re going for a metallic or smoky eye look.

For the best selection of nourishment and care for your nails, browse the incredible options at Macy’s today!

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