Perfume Gift Sets

    Hey, fragrance fanatics: we have some questions for you. Do you want to sample a variety of women’s fragrances without spending a fortune on individual bottles? Are you searching for new ways to enjoy and experiment with a longtime favorite scent? If so, it’s time to buy a perfume set from Macy’s. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about our perfume gift sets for women below.

    Try a Bunch of Scents or Go All-In on One Fragrance
    So, what are perfume sets? That depends. Some perfume sets for women combine several distinct fragrances from a single brand, all in petite vials scaled down from regular stand-alone bottles. Another type of fragrance gift set offers a combination of products with the same scent, such as a body lotion and Eau de cologne duo. Like most beauty gift sets, both kinds of fragrance gift sets make wonderful presents for yourself or others.

    The Pluses of Buying Perfume Sets
    Mini perfume sets have obvious benefits, especially if you don’t have a signature scent yet. These women’s fragrance gift sets let you try a few different perfumes without committing to full-size bottles. They’re larger than perfume samples but still small enough to store in a makeup bag, gym bag, or suitcase—perfect when you want a quick spritz of perfume on the go. Single-fragrance women’s perfume gift sets are versatile in another way. You can wear each product individually or layer them together to intensify the fragrance and make it last longer.

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