Balissima by EFFY® Multistone Square Stud Earrings in 18k Gold and Sterling Silver

  • EFFY Collection - Multistone Square Stud Earrings in 18k Gold and Sterling Silver
EFFY Collection - Multistone Square Stud Earrings in 18k Gold and Sterling Silver

Balissima by EFFY® Multistone Square Stud Earrings in 18k Gold and Sterling Silver

Limited-Time Special
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Limited-Time Special
12-month financing with Macy's Card. *Learn More
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Cocktail party? Go straight for these stunning button earrings from Balissima by Effy Collection, featuring oval-cut amethyst (7/8 ct. t.w.), pear-cut citrine (3/8 ct. t.w.) and round-cut garnet accents. Crafted in 18k gold and sterling silver.

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    Apr 18, 2023
    Not the best choice in earrings

    I have the whole set. However, the earring bars are too small, they did not fit my ears. Had to take to a jeweler and pay extra to extend the backs to fit. Even with the repair, the heaviness of the pieces, pulled at my ears and hung low. Not suggesting anyone purchase these. The other pieces in this collection are beautiful. A shame, as EFFY is a good brand, not so with these.

    Apr 24, 2023

    Dec 27, 2018

    This looks better in the picture than in person. It looks cheap, hangs a little bit on my ears due to the weight. It's darker in the picture but is very light colored in person and the yellow gold part does not show. I thought they missed my order because I received all white gold. I wanted to keep it tried to figure ways to wear it. However even though I got it way cheaper than the actual price, it is not even worth the sales price. I can get something like this from a low end jewelry place and look way better than this, You are only paying for the name. I am so disappointed at EFFY for being cheap and Macys for trying to pass this as a deal. I have several EFFY jewelries this is a disappointment

    Sep 28, 2018
    Effy Hematian is slacking!!

    Counting these earrings, I own eleven pieces of Effy. These earrings look gorgeous in pictures. However, you will be disappointed when you put them on. I have very small ear lobes, and these fit perfectly. The amethysts are bright, but the garnet and citrine on top are barely visible. It makes zero sense to be so very stingy with the size of the stones, since these gemstones are relatively inexpensive. These earrings are good for everyday, esp. when you consider that I got them at a 70% discount. I am noticing that the quality of Effy jewelry is decreasing. The first pieces I got were brilliant, bright stones, silver that won't tarnish. When Hubby bought me two pieces of green amethyst (earrings and necklace) the earrings darkened within months, and the stones were very pale green. The neckchain was not rhodium or platinum plated; within a year the chain turned black from wearing it often. I contacted the company. By the time they contacted me, I got some Tarn-X, and the chain cleaned very well. Reluctantly Effy CS offered to clean the chain, but not to replace the washed out green amethyst in the Lagoon pendant. Last year, I got a monster deal on the pink quartz set. The chain on this pendant darkened, but I kept up cleaning it, and it looks OK. Effy jewelry comes in two types; the sterling (.925) that is sort of the starter pieces....then the high carat gold and platinum, intended for the 1%. There have been major complaints regarding the quality of the gemstones, esp rubies--and Effy has landed in court over this. Would I recommend these earrings?? That depends. If you like smaller, more modest jewelry--and you get these at a good price- I would say YES. However, if you like big, flashy and shiny---I'd say no. If you choose to buy Effy, remember that it is monstrously overpriced. Do not even consider buying it unless it is AT LEAST HALF OFF! Also, be prepared to size the ring you buy. I have only once seen a ring that wasn't a size 7.

    Aug 04, 2018
    not as pretty in person

    These earrings look so bright and shiney, however when I opened the box the stones were dull and metal is dull as well. I will be sending these back

    May 20, 2018
    Sad to Return

    The earrings are beautiful, but I had to return them because they did not fit my ears. The back clip did not provide sufficient length.

    Dec 03, 2017
    too tight

    i had to take it to a jewelry repair because the back clip was very good and the tightness was unbearable

    Feb 25, 2017
    Not so good

    Looks really dark in the picture but actually so light in color..I found them absolutely of the stones are not at all coming out. Heavier than I expected. I bought them at minimum sale price online but still returned these ones. Not worth the money. I usually make purchases relying on macy's customer reviews and have always found them helpful..but I completely disagree with all the reviews on these earrings.Totally disappointed. I usually do not post reviews for returned item but I had too..for online shoppers who might trust other reviews. See them in store before you buy.

    Jan 24, 2017
    Great Look!

    These look amazing with the necklace and ring; however, they can be worn alone.

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