• Dior Eyeliner Brush

Dior Eyeliner Brush

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Dior's new Backstage Brushes feature an elegant black beech wood handle and specially designed to ensure luxurious and flawless results. The brush hairs are shaped and never cut, for soft, streak-free makeup application. These brushes are made of exceptional quality and have been crafted with the artisanal expertise of RaphaŽl, a French maker of art brushes. To properly care for your Dior Backstage Brushes, use Dior Brush Cleanser after each use. Its quick-drying, anti-bacterial formula ensures perfect makeup application day after day.
  • EYELINER BRUSH: This is an essential brush for defining the shape of the eye. It is used for easy application of eyeliner and will blend already applied liner along the lash line.
  • Its tapered shape adjusts the texture to create a precise and professional line.
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