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Your biggest fan. Built with Air Multiplier Technology that draws air in, accelerates it & releases it smoothly & powerfully, this tower fan has no blades & produces no choppy air. The streamlined design is quieter than ever before, energy efficient & features 10 precision airflow settings. Model AM07.

  • Includes a curved & magnetized remote control that can be stowed neatly on the fan
  • Air Multiplier Technology accelerates air through an annular aperture, draws air in & projects it smoothly & powerfully
  • Has no blades
  • 60% quieter streamlined design has reduced airflow turbulence
  • 10 precision airflow settings
  • One-touch oscillation
  • Features a sleep timer that be set anywhere from 15 minutes to 9 hours
  • Energy efficient and easy to clean
  • Measures 38.7" x 11.7" x 7"
  • 2-year warranty
  • Winner! Best New Household Environment Appliance for 2015 by Better Homes & Garden
  • Eligible for FREE shipping!
  • Imported

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    Sep 06, 2022
    Great if using to heat the room

    This fan works well to cool you on a reasonably warm day , for example nothing above 24 degrees If by chance the day is much warmer , I don’t recommend because there is no real benefit. I certainly didn’t feel cooler and that’s exactly what I bought this fan for. Again as a quick way to heat up a cold room it’s certainly very good for that.

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    Aug 18, 2022
    Best fan ever ! Life saver for my dogs this year

    I was lucky enough to buy this one week before the big heat wave of 2022. Even on the lowest setting which is virtually silent, it creates a beautifully gentle movement of air in the room which replicates a natural breeze. At higher settings the air movement becomes stronger and really does cover the whole room when it oscillate but it doesn’t “pummel” you as it goes round in the same way a traditional Fan would it just wafts the whole room. Needless to say when my dogs come in from a walk the first thing they do is to go and sit in the middle of the room waiting for me to switch on the Dyson fan. Both myself and the dogs are absolutely over the moon and would 100% recommend this to anyone. Can’t wait to buy another one as I keep carrying this through to the Bedroom because it is so lovely to leave on all night and it just keeps everything so fresh.

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    Aug 13, 2022
    Not worth the money and dyson are making it difficult to return

    The fan is ok but not worth the money. You could buy a fan that is just as effective for far less. The remote is not good, it doesn’t work unless you are quite close and pointing directly at the right part. The whole thing is very plasticky. As such, I have been trying to return it for over a week now. They keep saying they have sent me a returns label but the email never arrives and they tell me to wait 48 hours before querying it. When I ask for a collection they keep confirming it then saying the slot is not available anymore. I am really concerned that I am going to pass the window to return it because of this.

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    Aug 16, 2022

    Aug 11, 2022
    Absolutely fantastic

    I’m so glad I bought this fan, missed out last year during the heat but didn’t this time got one before the mad rush and can highly recommend, very quiet compared to other fans, cool air and even if you sat at a distance, well worth the money, stylish too, my cat would walk round and duck near the old fans but loves the dyson cool fan tower , bonus helps to keep him cool too. Highly recommend this product

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    Jul 27, 2022
    Love this fan

    I bought this a couple of weeks ago before the heatwave and it's made such a difference. It's quiet enough for me and kicks off a strong flow of cooling air. I have it on setting 3 at night and it's quiet enough to sleep through. A good investment for heatwaves to come and it looks sleek too

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    Jul 21, 2022
    Worst spending decision ever!

    I bought this as recommended by a friend who thought it was great! It was to replace a standing oscillating fan which I use at the bottom of my bed to cool me down at night. I have had to stand the fan on a stool for any breeze to hit me! When I have got the height right it is no way near as good as my cheaper old fan. Would not recommend. Also, I cannot return as now gotten rid of the packaging. Not happy.

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    Jul 22, 2022

    Jul 19, 2022
    Stopped connecting to wifi

    Just out of warranty and no longer displays air quality ect,which was the whole point of buying and yes I’ve tried everything to rectify

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    Jul 20, 2022

    Jul 12, 2022
    No surprises

    Each year another heatwave and another Dyson fan purchase. Over the last few years I have bought three AM06 desk fans. Tired of carrying them from room to room last year I went to buy a fourth but found the circular design AM06 had been discontinued. Now only the taller and (in my opinion) rather odd looking AM07 was available to kind of replace it, but not really. Frustrated and not wanting to buy a product that was considerably more expensive and in my opinion less attractive and less practical due to its height I made do with the 3 fans I already had. This year I gave in to the heat and bought the AM07. It arrived quickly and was exactly as I expected. Taller more imposing in the room, aesthetically displeasing and in terms of function barely perceptibly more powerful than the AM06. I'm trying to understand why the AM06 has been discontinued along with all circular models and I can only imaging that it has been calculated that perhaps a combination of the less efficient packaging size and lower retail price made it less profitable. Maybe also it was considered that if it was no longer available customers would just buy the larger more expensive models. Dyson products are in my opinion a bit overpriced for their choice of construction materials and build quality. However their unique functional design and engineering aspects make them the best in category on a number of counts. For this reason I have just knowingly bought a fan that I didn't really want but I had no better option from Dyson or other manufacturers. I am proof that in discontinuing the AM06 they can still make a sale, but I certainly won't be buying another one and if the 06 was still available I'd probably buy one for every room. Therefore my review for the AM07 as the best fan that Dyson offer to full fill the needs of someone wanting an AM06 I give it 3 stars as it not great value for money, its too tall and its a bit funny lookin. If you want an AM07 and like the look of it and are familiar with Dyson products then I'm sure you will be content with one.

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