Window Treatments

    Window treatments are the type of decorations that can help pull a room together. They can provide the finishing touches necessary to bring all the elements that are present in the room together. Whether a room needs a formal look or a more casual look is desired, this can be accomplished with the type of window treatments you choose.

    Let the sunlight shine (or not). Blinds are a popular choice for many homes when it comes to window treatments. Explore vertical blinds as well as horizontal blinds and Roman blinds for windows and doors. Blinds come in a variety of colors, too. Take your pick from lots of neutrals including white and wood-tones as well as an array of other colors to match the decor of any room in the house.

    Let’s have a panel discussion. Panel window coverings aka curtains give any room a highly professional appearance. Curtains are available in different types and styles. For the living room or bedroom, find pleated panels that provide ample coverage for the windows. For sheer drapes, adding a liner allows sunlight to enter the room, while also providing a level of needed privacy. Choose from a variety of colors that highlight the furnishings throughout the room.

    What types window treatments should I use for the kitchen? For kitchen windows, experiment with easy-to-clean window treatments. Try bi-level curtains or simple shades. Choose from cheery colors or traditional white depending on the vibes of your kitchen.

    Complete the look of window treatments. Add accessories to the window treatments hanging in each room. Valances, rods, ties and clip rings are just a few examples of the finishing touches that can complete the look of window treatments.

    Look for the perfect window treatments for each room of your home when you shop the great selection at Macy's.

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    Window Treatments & Blinds

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