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January 1:

Healthy Tips & Recipes Day

March 9:

National Meatball Day

Considering how many cultures around the world claim a version of this food, this is one juicy holiday. Ready to celebrate? Here are some exotic ways to get the ball rolling.

March 14:

Pi Day (3.14!)

As in math, the definition of culinary "pi" goes on and on. But it also remains a constant of American cuisine. Add a new "pi" to your baking repertoire today!

March 28:

National Something on a Stick Day

This day's for the people. From state fairs to street snacks around the world to plate-free party apps, who doesn't love food on a stick? Show your love and share it!

April 5:

National Caramel Day

This day is so sweet that you don't even have to indulge in dessert to enjoy it. Try caramel in tacos...or in a more traditional form. It'll be a treat either way.

April 19:

Garlic Day

Love garlic? No need to hold your breath, because your day has come. Celebrate with other garlic lovers and try to convert the rest—these recipes might just do the trick.

April 23:

National Picnic Day

Take your al fresco dining to new heights with picnic fare that's 100% fresh. Try these recipes for starters (or entrées, even).

May 9:

National Shrimp Day

Shrimp lovers, play your (recipe) cards right and this day will go swimmingly. We've trawled our site for dishes to get you started.

May 11:

National "Eat What You Want" Day

What's today's special? Everything. Take comfort knowing that your favorite comfort foods (and beyond) are guilt-free for 24 hours. Carpe diem.

May 25:

National Wine Day

Raise a glass—or fork—and toast to vino in a low-key way. Serve up these recipes and you can still expect cheers all around.

June 3:

National Egg Day

There are so many exotic ways to celebrate this day. Don't be chicken. Get cracking with these recipes.

June 8:

World Oceans Day (Sustainable Seafood)

We're so excited about this day! We're not just fishing for compliments. But we DID fish for ocean-friendly recipes. And we snared a couple of wild ones.

June 13:

Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

If your kitchen skills are, shall we say, lacking finesse, these recipes are for you: no knives, no nicks, no problem! Although, how do you feel about stovetop deep-frying?

July 4:

National Grill Day

It's the best flipping day of the year. Turn up the grill, grab the tongs and let's do this.

July 10:

Pick Blueberries Day

Whether you're picking them straight from the bush or from the supermarket shelf, continue the picking with these blueberry recipes.

July 23:

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Indulging in vanilla ice cream doesn't have to be so...vanilla. Here are ways to sriracha it up (not literally, but that can work).

August 4:

International Beer Day

A major celebration is brewing. Do it justice with the right food pairing. For starters, anything cheesy is a solid match with all beers. Who needs wine?

August 19:

Hot & Spicy Food Day

This day is on fire. Want in on the action? You know the drill: try these recipes, then sound the alarm because there's going to be some heat on the table.

August 29:

More Herbs, Less Salt Day

Too much salt on the reg can make you feel just as salty as your diet. Go against the grain today and season with healthy, fresh herbs instead.

September 2:

International Bacon Day

Get ready to pig out, folks. But don't fall back on plain old bacon strips—go whole hog and add some international flair. Try these combos.

September 10:

TV Dinner Day

Time to go retro: turn on the telly (or laptop) and break out your finest aluminum tray. But in 2017, update the compartments with food you'll actually be excited to eat.

October 1:

World Vegetarian Day

Plant yourself in the kitchen and whip up a feast of meat-free goodness. Today is all about clean living.

October 22:

National Nut Day

You have every right to go crazy on this day. From incorporating the extra-fancy macadamia to the ubiquitous peanut, there are many ways to mix it up and celebrate.

October 25:

National Greasy Foods Day

Slow down your fast food today to really savor it. Take control of the flavor—and grease level—by doing it your way. Get started with these timeless choices.

November 2:

Men Make Dinner Day

Man, this is going to be good—for everyone! Whether you're a kitchen newbie or you have a designated favorite apron, go big today. One rule: no grilling allowed!

November 14:

National Guacamole Day

Take a walk on the wild side—of guacamole. Mix in novel ingredients that will make these versions your new go-to favorites.

November 25:

National Eat with a Friend Day

Before posting pics of your meal today, share it with a buddy IRL. Start with these dishes that you're sure to not just like, but love!

December 5:

Repeal of Prohibition Day

Exercise your right to the 21st amendment by mixing some cocktails (in moderation, of course). With these recipes, we'll ensure that your right to exotic libations is taken care of, too.

December 25:

National Kiss the Cook Day

Lots of days in December are about gift giving and receiving. But on this day, when you give the sweet gift of good food, you'll receive something even sweeter in return—a kiss.

December 29:

National Get on the Scales Day

Let's get real. We've all indulged this holiday season... or even overindulged. But let's not get too real yet—before stepping on the scale, lighten up a bit with these healthier dishes.