Oct. 1-15

Help fund the
world’s most

Oct. 1-15

Help fund the
world’s most

Round up your in store purchase,
up to 99¢, or donate
online to support
the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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We’re committed to giving back

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Every October we commit to raising funding and awareness for breast cancer research. Meet one of the amazing women
who inspires us & continues to thrive thanks to research breakthroughs that you help support.

Meet Davina

Diagnosed in 2012, this thriver and mother of two set
out to raise awareness and impact research and
treatment in her own way—by completing a 467-mile,
13-day run from Michigan to New York State and
inspiring an amazing $20,500 in donations for BCRF.
Why go through it all? “Running gave me hope during
my darkest hours in my bout with breast cancer…
now I’m doing it to give hope to others.”

Your help goes a long way

Every cent counts

A woman is diagnosed with
breast cancer every

2 minutes

here in the U.S.

Since 2003, we’ve raised

$14.6 million

for BCRF.

We’ve supported


research hours
over the last 17 years.

Closing the racial gap
within the breast
cancer community

The realm of inequality between black women and their white counterparts exists in an unjustly manner within the breast cancer community. Not only are black women at a higher risk to develop the most aggressive form of the disease, a triple-negative, but they are given fewer opportunities to participate in clinical trials. Black women face the reality of more limited access to quality healthcare and early screening, which is crucial for catching developing cancer in younger patients.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation noticed the race disparities within the breast cancer community and wanted to address it head-on. In an effort to bridge that race gap, BCRF is directly funding researchers who focus on issues that are contributing to racial disparities. These researchers are focused on everything from targeted treatments for triple-negative breast cancer, decreasing treatment delays due to inadequate healthcare access, as well as studying genetic and immune cell differences specific to the black breast cancer patient.

Oct. 1-15

Help fund the world's
most promising

Donate in store or online to the
Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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