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Girls are powerful leaders when given the opportunity to realize their full potential. With school openings in question, and social unrest and racial injustice across the country, Girls Inc. is committed to facilitating education, creating safe spaces for girls and breaking down the barriers that stand in their way. Macy’s is proud to join with Girls Inc for the first time ever to help accomplish important goals like these:

Mentorship & empowerment

Girls Inc. provides long-lasting mentoring relationships and research-based programming set in a pro-girl environment. This tailored and proven approach gives girls the tools they need to build self-confidence, and empowers them to be leaders today and in the future. Plus, Girls Inc. encourages girls to take charge of their own health, and to view their bodies more positively.

Adapting to COVID-19

Mentorships have proven to be an invaluable source of hope and continuity in many girls’ lives. Local Girls Inc. staff have continued to check in on their members through phone calls and text messages, and are able to reach out to them with any help and support they need. In addition, Girls Inc. has launched virtual programming on social and video platforms that gives girls a way to connect with each other during this pandemic.


Black girls are more likely to encounter racism and discrimination at school, and can experience harmful discipline practices as early as preschool. They’re even more likely to be disciplined for minor infractions such as dress code. Girls Inc. seeks to highlight racial and gender disparities to forge a path towards a safer, more supportive future for Black girls–one where they can be themselves and thrive without fear of harm or discrimination.

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